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When and how to buy a religious casket?

When and how to buy a religious casket?

Key Insights

  • Caskets have a long history
  • Religious caskets honor your faith
  • Types of religious caskets
  • Buying a religious casket online


The History of Caskets

The casket, a popular choice today, traces its roots back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Various materials were used to create a burial box. However, only the aristocratic section of society was buried in a casket. As time progressed, caskets became mass-produced and available to a larger audience. During the World Wars, the staggering number of casualties led to a sharp uptake in the number of caskets manufactured. Woodworkers began to build caskets on a commission-basis, and they became more commonplace. While there are many faiths in the world that do not practice burial, caskets are in great demand, especially in the United States of America.

What is a religious casket?

There is no greater challenge than processing and coping with the death of a loved one. Even if it is not a sudden loss, the sense of grief on their passing is overwhelming and cannot be described. Each person has a different mechanism to deal with their grief. From music to art, there are many ways to channel your pain and retain optimism. The most common approach is to fall back on a set of religious beliefs that bring you comfort. Whether you believe in Judaism or Christianity, Buddhism or Islam, religion provides a cushion to rest on when you find yourself in a dark time. Upon a loved one’s passing, it is important to make sure that you respect their religious beliefs and honor them appropriately. One simple way of doing this is choosing a religious casket if you have decided upon a burial. A religious casket is a casket created or customized according to the beliefs and emblems of a particular religion. By doing this, you lay your loved one to rest in a way that would have been appreciated. Buying a casket online allows you to explore your options in a cost-effective manner. Titan Casket offers a wide variety of choices.

Types of religious caskets

There is no one type of religious casket. You can customize a casket to suit your personal needs. However, there are a few popular options to choose from according to your faith.


In Judaism, the belief is that the human body must be reunited with the Earth as soon as possible after a person’s passing. Following this, all Jewish caskets are made from biodegradable material so that they decompose quickly. This rules out any metal options, although metal handles are allowed. The Jewish also believe that caskets should be simple and plain, without embellishments. This is to follow their belief that everyone is equal in death. There is no mattress put inside this casket, and only the body is put inside it without other objects. These caskets are also not constructed on the day of Sabbath in accordance with Jewish tradition.


A Catholic casket is one made in accordance with Catholic traditions. One must be baptized into the Catholic Church in order to have a Catholic service. Since a service includes a viewing or wake, casket options include both open and closed caskets that can be selected accordingly. These caskets can often be made by sacred churches or skilled woodworkers. The most common type of casket is a wooden one, symbolizing Jesus’s role as a carpenter. Many Catholics opt for metal caskets too, and over time a desire for biodegradable caskets has grown too. Catholic caskets particularly include religious symbols, such as a cross or specific prayer. You can customize the casket to include a verse that was of particular importance to the deceased.

These are only a few types of religious caskets available. However, with significant innovation in online commerce and delivery, you can customize a casket to suit you. Titan Casket offers a high level of personalization, allowing you to choose the material, color and finish of the casket.

What Is A Catholic Casket And How To Buy One?

When and how to buy a religious casket?

A very under-appreciated process is death-planning. Preparing for your own passing sounds upsetting, but it can actually provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind and ensure that your wishes are respected after passing. This includes deciding the kind of burial and service you would like, or cremation. A simple way to get started with this process is to buy a casket online. If you wish that your religious beliefs be included, buying a casket online in advance gives you the chance to include specifically what is important to you and personalize the casket. Titan Casket gives you this option, as well as an existing diverse range of caskets. If your loved one has passed, buying a casket online helps you avoid stressful logistics and focus on processing your grief. While many people choose to go to a local funeral home to choose a casket, online options actually offer the same quality of caskets at a fraction of the cost. Prompt delivery to your home or service venue also reduces the load on the family. 

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