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What is a Drive Thru Funeral?

What is a Drive Thru Funeral?


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What is a drive-thru funeral?

A drive-thru funeral, also known as a drive-thru visitation or drive-thru viewing, is a unique way to pay respects to a deceased person. It is quite different from a traditional funeral, where mourners gather at a funeral home, a community center or a place of worship to view the casket or urn, offer condolences and attend a service. 

In a drive-thru funeral, however, there is a designated drive-thru area where the casket or urn of the deceased person is placed. Mourners can drive past this area and remain in their vehicles even as they complete the viewing. This effectively allows people to pay their respects without the need to park their vehicles or physically interact with other mourners. 

Some drive-thru funerals also include more personal elements like pictures or video montages of the deceased person. This allows the mourners to get to know the person better. These drive-thru visitations may also include facilities to allow you to sign a guestbook and offer your condolence card or gift. 

Drive-thru funerals: Bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern

The manner in which funerals are conducted varies from one part of the world to another. As we increasingly adapt to the demands and requirements of modern life, traditional funeral practices are also changing to keep pace with the 21st century. One such new-age practice that helps save time and increases convenience is a drive-thru funeral. 

Funeral homes are diversifying their business by supporting this new kind of funeral visitation. It helps people in many ways and makes it easier for mourners to pay their respect to the departed person in a comfortable and hassle-free manner. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what drive-thru funerals are, why they have grown popular, and where they are generally held. 

Although they are still relatively uncommon, drive-thru funerals have gained popularity in recent years because of the following reasons. 

  • They offer a convenient way for mourners to pay their respects without exiting their vehicles. 
  • They are quicker than traditional funerals and save time. 
  • It is easier for a large number of people to drive through and pay their respects.
  • They ensure safety and social distancing, especially during critical periods like the pandemic. 
  • They allow mourners to honor the deceased person even in harsh weather conditions like extreme cold or heavy rain. 
  • Disabled and elderly mourners can offer their respects to the departed person without being inconvenienced. 
  • It helps people who are estranged from other mourners bid goodbye to the deceased person in private. 

Drive-thru funerals are gradually gaining prominence in different parts of the world. Some places that have been reported to have held this kind of funeral include the following. 

  • Tennessee
  • Georgia 
  • Illinois
  • California
  • Michigan
  • England
  • Japan

Host a drive-thru funeral for the convenience and savings they offer

A drive-thru funeral may be a good option for your loved one if you want to experience the benefits offered by this kind of service. If you are planning to host a drive-thru visitation, ensure that you have the necessary facilities in place. 

Such funerals also help you save on big expenses like venue rentals. You can use the funds thus saved to meet other funeral costs like buying a casket or an urn according to the wishes of your loved one. If you want to further improve the convenience factor, you can buy a casket online from Titan Casket, from the comfort of your home. We offer over 1,000 casket models as well as the option to customize your casket if needed.