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Why Do You Need a Coffin For Burying A Serviced Military Dog?

Why Do You Need a Coffin For Burying A Serviced Military Dog?


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What is a Dog Burial?

Losing a pet is an unfathomable grief that is difficult to grapple with at times. In the midst of your sadness, it can be challenging to imagine how to deal with their remains. There are a few common options, such as burial or cremation. If you choose burial then pet casket you choose is dependent on whether you choose to bury your pet at a pet cemetery or at home. However, before deciding upon a home burial, it is essential to check your state’s legislation regarding this. Dog burials can involve a short service attended by a few family members. However, given how personal the matter is, the details are entirely up to you and your loved ones. 

Types of Coffins for Dogs

  1. Plastic coffins: These coffins are made of water-resistant plastic that prevents any seepage and can be easily transported. They tend to be more affordable but are not biodegradable.
  2. Wooden coffins: Wooden coffins are a more expensive option but can be incredibly classic and respectful. They can be customized with engravings and ornamentations as required and can even be customized to the desired size. 
  3. Bamboo coffins: Bamboo is an incredibly versatile and durable material that can be easily put together into a coffin. It is 100% biodegradable and is super lightweight, making it easy to transport. 
  4. Metal Caskets: Metal caskets can be a premium offering and one of the best way to send a military service dog. Titan Caskets do have a Pet Casket collection where you can select one of the best looking and strong casket.

Military Dog Services

Dogs often serve in the military or other defense roles, such as with local police or federal authorities. After their passing, military dogs are often honored with various actions, such as gun salutes or full military funerals. This is usually done for military dogs who have served with great courage or conducted heroic acts during their time. These services can include a casket burial or ash scattering, and people who were close to the dog or worked with them can say a few words. K-9 police dogs are often honored with funerals similar to those of officers, either hosted by their team or their individual handler. If the K-9 has died in service, there can also be a 21-gun salute. This is only done in the case of an officer or K-9 passing away during service, and not after retiring. 

Losing a Pet

There is nothing more traumatic than losing a pet. They become a part of the family, and it can be impossible to imagine life without them. It is vital to share your grief with your loved ones and find support in one another rather than bearing the burden alone. Remembering your pet and cherishing their memory is a beautiful way to honor their life and always remain grateful for the love they gave you. In the case of military dogs, it is important to honor their sacrifice and service appropriately. Holding a ceremony to say goodbye is an excellent way to celebrate their life.