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What are See-Through and Clear Caskets? 

Clear or see-through caskets are constructed of clear acrylic glass materials. Transparent caskets provide an alternative funeral option for those who wish to see their loved ones one last time. One of the main benefits of a transparent casket is that it allows mourners to see the deceased's face and body, which can be comforting and help with the grieving process. It can also be a way to honor the deceased by showcasing their appearance in a unique and memorable way.

Transparent caskets are generally more lightweight than traditional caskets, which can be an advantage when it comes to transport and handling. They are also more resistant to deterioration and decay, and maybe a good option for people who want a more permanent and long-lasting tribute to the deceased. 


What are Clear or See Through-Caskets Made of? 

Clear caskets or see-through caskets are made of an acrylic or glass material that allows the deceased to be visible from the outside. The transparent material is stronger than plexiglass, with a thickness up to 3mm, and can also be colorized. It's a unique alternative to traditional caskets because it offers family and friends the opportunity to view their loved one as they were in life. This type of casket is also available in two different styles:

  • Semi-transparent—the clear portion of this style extends down to just below shoulder level on either side of your loved one's body
  • Fully transparent—this style features a completely clear top and sides, allowing visitors to see everything inside the casket.


What are the different types of transparent caskets?

  • Acrylic: These caskets are made of a clear, plastic material that is lightweight and shatterproof. They are often used for viewing at the funeral home or cemetery, and can be buried in the ground. 
  • Glass: The glass should not be confused with regular window glass. It is specially made to ensure strength and durability for burial purposes. This type comes in many colors, such as black or pink; some even have special engraving on them!
  • Crystal: Crystal caskets are actually metal enclosures that resemble vases or jars. Their appearance has led some people to believe they're made from precious gems like diamonds or rubies—but rest assured they're nothing more than metal (albeit very shiny).
  • See-through: These caskets feature clear panels on all four sides so mourners can see their loved ones inside without having to open the lid!

Titan Casket offers Acrylic Caskets that can be buried in the ground and fits all standard burial vaults.


How Much do Transparent Caskets Cost?

You can expect to pay $6,00 to $20,000 for a transparent coffin of good quality. The price depends on the material and design of the casket. If you want something that is more elaborate or has more features like lights and speakers, it will cost more money. The cost also depends on where you live. In New York City, for example, caskets are significantly more expensive than in other parts of the country since there are so many people who want them in that area. 


How Do I Know if a Clear See-Through Coffin is Right for me?

If you want to see your loved one, one last time, if you want to hold their hand one last time and say goodbye before they are buried, then a clear see-through coffin is right for you. If you're thinking of having a funeral service at home with family and friends present, then a clear coffin will enable everyone to pay their respects together.


Where Can I Get See Through Casket?

Titan Casket offers a collection of See Through Caskets. Our collection features a Gold Series and a Platinum Series Clear casket. Below are the features of our Clear Casket collection: 

  • FULLY TRANSPARENT These beautiful caskets are completely clear and offer a unique and beautiful way to honor your loved one by allowing a full view of their body
  • LUXURIOUS INTERIOR FINISH Our collection of transparent caskets boasts some of the most elegant interiors in the industry, making them a top choice for those seeking a sophisticated and graceful look
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS These caskets are built with the highest quality acrylic with an organic poplar wood base and aluminum reinforcement.
  • FREE SHIPPING All caskets sold by Titan ship free of charge, guaranteed to arrive on time.


Keep Your Loved Ones Close

When it comes to saying goodbye, you want to be as close as possible. And with transparent caskets, you can be! These types of caskets will keep you close, even after you've passed. Transparent caskets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. They're also available in a range of colors—so whether you prefer gold or silver or black, we'll help find the right shade for your loved one's final appearance. 


Constructed of Clear Acrylic Glass Materials

Transparent or see-through caskets, also referred to as glass caskets, are constructed of clear acrylic glass materials. These types of transparent caskets can be made from either cast acrylic or extruded acrylic. Cast and extruded acrylic are both strong solid materials that are scratch resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. This is why they have been used in many applications including windows and sunglasses. The type of transparent casket you choose for your loved one will depend on the reason you want them to be able to see inside the coffin and how much you wish to display their body. In addition to seeing inside a transparent coffin, there are other reasons why some families choose this type over traditional ones: 

  • A way for family members at home who cannot travel all the way out where their loved one died/was buried/will be buried but still want them present during their wake or funeral service 
  • A way for children who lost their parent(s) due to illness or accident (with permission from parents), which helps them cope better with loss by being able to allow themselves closure before burial 


High-Quality Acrylic Materials -  Durable and Stronger Than Plexiglass.

These high-quality acrylic materials are durable and stronger than plexiglass. Acrylic caskets are able to withstand daily use, even outdoors. We have found that acrylic caskets can protect your loved one’s body from sun damage and heat, as well as any other weather conditions when you choose to store them outdoors. Acrylic is also more scratch resistant than plexiglass, making it easier to clean without damaging the surface of the casket. You can simply wipe down your see-through coffin with a damp cloth without having to worry about scratches or cracks developing over time.