Order Caskets and Coffins Using Expedited or Standard Ground Shipping

Table of Contents

  1. Does My Online Casket Order Include Free Shipping?
  2. Once I Order, When Will My Casket Be Delivered?
  3. What Does Standard Ground Shipping For Caskets Include?
  4. What Is The Shipping Process For A Casket I Buy Online?
  5. What Shipping Services Does Titan Casket Use?
  6. Why Would I Need Expedited Shipping For A Casket?
  7. How Much Extra Is Expedited Shipping For A Casket?
  8. Can Titan Casket Ship A Casket Via Air?
  9. Can I Designate A Specific Delivery Time, Or Can Titan Promise That The Order Will Be Delivered At A Certain Time Of Day?
  10. Can Titan Deliver Directly To My Home? What About To Another Warehouse Or Storage Facility?
  11. Can I Pick Up The Casket Myself? Is There An Extra Charge To Do So?
  12. Am I Required To Be Present For The Delivery To The Funeral Home?
  13. Can I Expect To Receive Shipping Updates?

1. Does my online casket order include free shipping?

Yes! Titan Casket is proud to offer free standard ground shipping to the lower 48 states for all of our caskets.

2. Once I order, when will my casket be delivered?

Nearly all our caskets (including both standard and custom) are ready to leave our facility within one business day after an order is placed. Please contact us by phone or chat to request a specific delivery date.

For nearly every order, our standard ground shipping is a terrific option. Caskets that are shipped via ground shipping are shipped and delivered for free and arrive within a timely manner – these orders will typically be delivered at the provided shipping address within 2-6 business days.

Should you need faster delivery, you may wish to consider Titan Casket’s expedited shipping service for an additional fee. We will work with you to determine the most efficient option. 

Please note that drivers do not work on weekends or holidays.

3. What does standard ground shipping for caskets include?

Our standard shipments travel via an LTL (“less-than-truckload”) ground service. This means that they are shipped alongside other freight and stop for unloading and reloading at several shipping terminal points along their journey. As an added safety measure, we also provide liftgate or forklift services at the delivery point whenever possible.

4. What is the shipping process for a casket I buy online?

Once Titan Casket receives your order, we get straight to work building the casket and setting up an appropriate shipping plan.

Most caskets are ready to be picked up from our facility one business day after an order is placed. Once the driver arrives at our facility, the casket is scanned into their system and carefully loaded onto their truck. The shipping plan is then set into motion: standard ground shipments are taken to the shipper’s intake terminal for processing. Expedited shipments are taken directly to the shipping terminal or driven straight to the delivery address.

For more information on how orders are fulfilled, click here.

5. What shipping services does Titan Casket use?

Titan Casket selects a carrier for each shipment based on the specific order, timeframe, and delivery location. Typically, we use large commercial carriers (such as Federal Express) for our standard ground shipments. For expedited services, we also use small, but highly reputable and trusted, shipping companies.

6. Why would I need expedited shipping for a casket?

If you need a quick delivery, or if you like the idea of having a single dedicated van and driver for your order, expedited shipping is a great choice. Be aware that expedited shipping comes with an additional fee. For this reason, it is best to order a casket or coffin as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the free ground shipping option. Of course, a more relaxed timeline isn’t always an option and we offer expedited shipping option in order to better work with tighter timelines. 

7. How much extra is expedited shipping for a casket?

The charge for expedited shipping is highly dependent on factors such as the specific order, the delivery location, and the requested delivery date. At minimum, the shortest distances typically cost an extra ~$250-$500 in expedited shipping fees. However, please bear in mind that even with an increased shipping cost, on average you will be spending far less than you would be paying at the funeral home, and with Titan, all orders are treated with the utmost care, no matter the delivery speed. 

8. Can Titan Casket ship a casket via air? 

Titan Casket has does not currently offer air freight service, as we find ground service to be a safer and more dependable option. Should you have a particular need, please contact us for more information on air shipping.

9. Can I designate a specific delivery time, or can Titan promise that the order will be delivered at a certain time of day?

You can select a delivery day, of course, and we will deliver during regular business hours.

However, the daily delivery routes are set by the shipping terminal, and not until the day of delivery. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee a specific delivery window. However, we at Titan Casket can promise to do our best to accommodate special requests.

10. Can Titan deliver directly to my home? What about to another warehouse or storage facility?

Absolutely! Titan Casket is happy to ship to the location of your choice, be it a funeral home, residence, or other facility.

11. Can I pick up the casket myself? Is there an extra charge to do so?

Yes, you can pick up your order yourself at no extra charge. Please make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped to strap in or secure the box, and that it is large enough to accommodate the size your order. The measurements for a standard casket are 90” x 33” x 30” when boxed up.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss possible pickup options. 

12. Am I required to be present for the delivery to the funeral home?

Legally, funeral homes cannot compel you to be present for the delivery of your casket, and must treat your delivery exactly the same as one they order themself. Nevertheless, they may tell you that your presence is a requirement. The purpose of this is either to have you inspect the casket upon delivery or to make the process more difficult for you, thereby discouraging you from ordering a casket from a third party.

Some of our customers are more than happy to be present for delivery. However, if this is not the best option for you, please remember that the law is on your side. YOU are in charge. If you are present for the delivery, it is your choice and should be considered a courtesy to the funeral home.

If you are planning to be present for the delivery, we will do our best to keep you notified of the estimated delivery window.

13. Can I expect to receive shipping updates? 

At Titan Casket, we feel very strongly about keeping our customers as informed as possible. We will let you know when your order has been picked up from our facility and will update you with any new information regarding estimated delivery times. Of course, we welcome you to contact us at any time for the most up-to-date information.