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Flat-Top Cloth

Flat-Top Cloth

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    • Patterned Cloth Cover

      Stationary Reinforced Handles

      Crepe Fabric Interior

      Adjustable Bed

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    AMC (Orlando, FL)
    No real complaints, great product, just some nitpicking

    I am extremely skeptical of companies and products that have a lot of short 5 star reviews, so I was definitely very skeptical of this prior to ordering. I am rating this 4 stars in the hopes that others like me will see this and know that it's a legit product; and frankly I'm a bit of a critic so it's hard for me to call anything 5 stars!

    Most of what you're paying for is the phenomenal customer service. I had a lot of trouble with ordering thru Walmart, and when I ordered directly thru this site instead after giving up I was called within minutes of placing the order. The casket arrived in good condition on time and Titan was very communicative the whole way through.

    Now as for the casket itself, the exterior was acceptable. If you didn't know that it was a "budget" option you probably wouldn't notice anything wrong from looking at it. Under scrutiny though you can tell that the lids were a bit uneven, and from an angle you can see a few gaps between the doors and the body of the casket but nothing that allowed viewing the interior. I never saw the interior. Honestly it isn't a big deal at all and again wouldn't be noticeable if you weren't looking for it. After all it'll be in the ground and won't really matter in the long run! My family saw the interior during the viewing (aka when the lid was open on purpose) and had no complaints about it.

    My biggest fear was that the corrugated cardboard would make it flimsy or weak. I helped load and unload the casket and can assure anyone else concerned about this that it felt extremely sturdy, never felt weak at all, and the handles had absolutely no give or play to them. This was a solid product and I was very surprised. The only time that it was even noticeable that it was cardboard was when we dropped flowers on the casket after it was lowered into the ground and you could hear the hollow sound it gave off; but again, not a huge deal at all. It did exactly what it needed to do and gave no trouble at all. Frankly had I not been the one to purchase it I never would have suspected it of being a "budget" option.

    I'm very pleased with the product. My biggest complaint/suggestion is that there weren't enough photos, and I would have been less reluctant to buy it if more photos were on the site of various other angles. Or maybe even a video walkaround. Otherwise I'm very satisfied; if I ever have to buy another again I'll definitely come back here, but I hope that I never will have to again!

    Artha Waycaster (Maryville, TN)

    Reasonable price and arrived on time as promised

    Thomas Schupack (Charlotte, NC)

    So easy to work with during a difficult time. Completely followed through and met all expectations.

    David Weirich (Jacksonville, FL)
    Great company

    When we ordered we were in a tough time and the company helped get the casket to the funeral home in time for my Mom's service. It was easy to order as the personnel helped me through the process. They were so kind during a really hard time.

    Jason Weldon (Mendenhall, MS)

    Flat-Top Cloth | Cloth-Covered Casket


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