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5 Ideas That Will Customize The Funeral For Your Loved One

5 Ideas That Will Customize The Funeral For Your Loved One


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Ideas for a personalized coffin

If you’re organizing a funeral for your loved one, chances are, you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how you can make the funeral the best gift to your loved one. The goal of holding a wake or a memorial service is to celebrate the deceased and cherish the memories that you have shared. This idea can be extended to the funeral service. 

Whether you’re choosing to go down the religious route or not, you can customize tiny details of the funeral to make the service feel unique and reflective of the person you are organizing it for. Funerals are meant to be somber and respectful but this doesn't mean that you can’t celebrate your loved one and the happy life that they lived. Coffins especially have the propensity of going down the customization route. Custom coffins mirror the personality of your loved one and can give you the chance to truly honor the deceased. It could also be the wish of your loved one to have a custom-made coffin. 

Ideas to Consider While Building a Custom-Made Coffin

  1. Colors are the smiles of nature- One of the easiest and most affordable options is to customize the color of the coffin. Colors are attached to emotions. A red coffin could make for a classic look that symbolizes the love you shared with the deceased. A black coffin is classy and powerful. A green coffin could mean stability and endurance. Yellow could mean happiness and hope. You get the drill. Each color signifies an emotion that you can associate with the deceased. You can also choose a color that was loved by the deceased and have the coffin made in that color. You can also mix and match colors based on the look of the coffin you’re going for. 
  2. Adding pictures - Customizing a coffin means that you have the freedom to choose the look and feel of the coffin. Popularly, people have coffins that have a picture of the deceased’s favorite thing. You can let your imagination take over with this one. The coffin could hold a picture of a picturesque place. This could have been the deceased’s favorite city. You could also place paintings that meant a lot to your loved one. A picture on the coffin is a unique way of expressing your fondness for your loved one. It also gives a glimpse into the kind of personality the deceased was. 
  3. Choosing the right material  - When buying a coffin, you have the liberty to pick the kind of material you want the coffin to be made out of. You could go for materials like wood, cardboard, wicker, metal, bamboo, and seagrass. Based on the material, you can personalize the coffin by painting it. Materials like wood and cardboard allow you to paint on them.  If you’re trying to organize an eco-friendly funeral, you can go for coffins made out of bamboo or cardboard to help reduce the carbon footprint left behind. The freedom of picking the coffin material and customizing it makes the whole process personal and respectful. 
  4. Adding messages or engraving text - When it comes to custom coffins, you can add your loved one’s favorite poem or a special message for them on the coffin. Engraving is a common customizing option that allows you to share your admiration for the deceased. If your loved one ever had a quote that he/she/they lived by, it would only make sense to have it engraved on the custom-made coffin. This makes for a beautiful parting gift. It is a small reminder of your intimate relationship with the deceased and is respectful of how the deceased would like to be remembered. 
  5. Custom Coffins with Special Top Panels  - Most coffins come with a lid but if you’re trying to amp up the look of the coffin and have it customized to the needs of the deceased, you can add a domed lid or a top panel. On this lid, you can also add symbols or logos that meant something special to the deceased. In an open or closed coffin situation, an exquisite top panel will stand out and will reflect the personality of the deceased respectfully. 


The possibilities of customization

Buying a coffin can be a daunting process. Finding the right coffin is important and speaks volumes of your consideration and admiration towards the deceased. Coffins also are an added cost to the list of funeral expenses. Buying a coffin that doesn’t fit your needs won’t do any justice. With custom-made coffins, you can arrange for a thoughtful goodbye gift to your loved one and get your money’s worth too. Titan Casket gives you the option of customization along with free delivery.