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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Color For A Casket

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Color For A Casket

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Choosing A Suitable Casket Color 

Caskets are among the first things you need to buy if you are planning a funeral for a family member or a close friend. When you’re out shopping for a casket online or in person, you will find that they come in different colors and hues. Casket colors can range from traditional options mahogany, silver and white to more modern choices like pink, blue and even red. If you’re having trouble with choosing a color for a casket, this handy guide can help. 

5 Tips That Can Help You Decide On The Right Color For A Casket

Since there are different colors of caskets, making a decision and choosing a suitable color may take some time. If the person for whom you are buying the casket was very clear about their preferences, this decision will be fairly smooth for you. But if the loss was sudden, or if your loved one did not leave behind any specific instructions, choosing from the different casket colors can be quite the challenge. 

Whatever the case may be, here are 5 tips that can help you make a decision. 

  • Keep the nature of the ceremony in mind
  • There are different types of funeral ceremonies you can have. And the color of the casket should be appropriate for the kind of service you’re hosting. For instance, if you are having a more traditional or religious ceremony, it may be ideal to choose conventional colors like black, brown, white or silver caskets

    On the other hand, if you are having a more contemporary service like a burial or cremation at sea, you can consider more colorful caskets that come in pink, blue or even purple. In case of a green, eco-friendly funeral, you can opt for natural colors like yellow, orange or green caskets

  • Check if they had any plans in place
  • If the person you’re planning a ceremony for was extremely meticulous in life, chances are, they may have made some kind of plans for their funeral. Talk to other members of the family and get in touch with their pastor or their close friends to check if they had any preferences or plans laid out. 

    In case they already left specific instructions about which color casket to purchase, your job will be a lot easier because you just need to shop around for what they wanted. Or if they had already pre-purchased a casket, you can simply go ahead and use it for the funeral. 

  • Think back to what your loved one would have wanted
  • In case your friend or family member passed away unexpectedly, it is likely that they did not make any decisions about the kind of casket or the color they want it in. In such cases, you will have to put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would have wanted. Did they prefer classic and traditional over modern options? If they did, casket colors like brown or black may be the right choice. 

    In case they loved the fall season, an orange casket may be a nice way to honor them. And if they liked to live with a flair and preferred quirky choices, you could color outside the lines and choose flamboyant shades like purple or red. Think of their preferences and discuss the choices with others who knew them well before you arrive at a decision. 

  • Know what the different casket colors mean
  • If you’re the type of person who pays attention to the significance behind different things, you should know that different colors of caskets have varying meanings. White caskets represent peace and purity, while black caskets stand for sophistication and luxury. Meanwhile, blue caskets exude peace and calm, and pink caskets can be quite sentimental.

    A gold casket convey's that the deceased was a person of importance and also gold has been considered sacred or auspicious by some culture or religions.

    Even woods of different colors have their own significance. Mahogany stands for strength and resilience, oak for endurance and power, and cherry wood for the fragility of life as well as the promise of a new journey. You can take these aspects into account before deciding on a color.

  • Compare the options available to you before you decide 
  • To make a suitable decision for the color of a casket, it is best to take some time and weigh your options. Granted, if you’re planning a funeral at short notice, you may have very little time to make a choice and buy a casket. But it’s best to not rush the process and buy any color that you first come across. 

    Take a day to discuss the color options with other close members of your family and see if you can all arrive at a consensus. This way, you will be glad that you chose a color that truly represents the person you’ve lost and everything that they stood for or believed in. All in all, it will be a nice way to honor them. 

    The Right Color Is Definitely Out There!

    Initially, you may be overwhelmed by the possibility of having to find a suitable casket colors. But nowadays, with many casket options available online, the task is much easier than you can imagine. 

    Buy a casket online from retailers like Titan Casket to make the process smooth and hassle-free. On our website, you’ll find as many as 18 color options for caskets, depending on the model you plan to purchase. Check out the colors available and take your pick.