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Where To Buy A Casket

Where To Buy A Casket

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Are you wondering where to buy a casket? You may not realize you have options beyond purchasing a coffin through the funeral home you are working with. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission explains that consumers have the right to buy a casket through any third-party dealer and have it shipped to the funeral home of their choice. The funeral home is required to use it and cannot charge you a fee for doing so. This is called the Funeral Rule.

With that in mind, you might be unsure where to begin your search for a casket. Chances are you’re in a hurry and are also dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Fortunately, plenty of resources exist. Titan Casket sells a variety of high-quality caskets that can be shipped wherever you like right away, with delivery in one to five days, depending on your zip code.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is The Funeral Rule?
  2. Where Can I Buy A Casket?
  3. How Do I Find More Information On Where To Buy A Casket?

What Is The Funeral Rule?

Per the Funeral Rule, a funeral home must show you a list of available caskets and their associated descriptions and prices, before showing you the casket itself. This is due in part to the tendency of buyers to purchase one of the first three models shown (usually the one that is at a middle price point). If a funeral director shows you three very expensive caskets, rather than a list with all the available choices, this could lead you to spend much more than you would like.

The Funeral Rule also explains that, unfortunately, no coffin can preserve remains forever. A funeral home is not allowed to state otherwise when enumerating the benefits of a casket. That said, some models are better than others in this regard.

You should ask for details about the construction of any casket you’re considering when making a decision. The lower the steel gauge of a coffin, the thicker it is. Wooden caskets are made of a variety of woods, but they are unlikely to be warrantied through traditional manufacturers.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the Funeral Rule is that you, as the consumer, have rights. You do not have to buy a casket from the funeral home, and you should do your homework before purchasing.

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Where Can I Buy A Casket?

If you plan to forgo the options your funeral home offers, you can buy a casket directly from a third-party provider, like Titan Casket. Our goal is to offer affordable caskets and transparency in the funeral industry.

You can also purchase a casket from a marketplace like Amazon. Shopping with a retail giant like this allows you to read reviews from other buyers before you make your decision, which can be a great help when it comes to your peace of mind.

Caskets are also sold by retailers like Sam’s Club. If you are a member, this could provide you a cost savings. You can browse caskets from a variety of manufacturers and compare features if you choose to shop this way.

You may also find a casket that suits your needs on sites like Everloved. Here, you can also shop from several brands to find the choice that is best for your preferences and budget.

How Do I Find More Information About Where To Buy A Casket?

Titan Casket is here to help guide you through this challenging period. We are happy to speak with you about the casket that best suits your needs, whether you are seeking a wooden casket for an eco-friendly burial like pine box caskets, metal caskets, army caskets, pet or clear caskets.

We are your trusted ally in planning the funeral you want at an affordable, fair price.

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