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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Caskets From A Funeral Home

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Caskets From A Funeral Home

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

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What Is A Funeral Home?

Upon the passing of a loved one, it can be incredibly overwhelming to understand how to proceed with the funeral arrangements. Families are unsure where to turn, which is how funeral homes became popular: a single place where the body can be prepared and you can hold a funeral to remember the deceased. People often go to their local funeral home, and conduct all the necessary work there. There is very little research that goes into other options, especially since a nearby option is most convenient. At such a tough time, you shouldn’t have to worry about logistics and simply try and process your grief.

How Do Online Sites Compete?

With a large sector of each industry pursuing online opportunities, the funerary arrangements industry is no different. From urns to caskets, from plaques to headstones, it is possible to meet every single one of your needs online. With country-wide shipping and lower prices due to lower overhead costs, online casket and urn shopping can prove more convenient than your local funeral home. There are a few clear advantages to buying a casket online without compromising on the quality of the casket.

Why You Should Buy Online

Cost of casket

Funeral homes offer a variety of services, within which they include caskets. However, since the cost of renting the space, conducting arrangements, and staying open is very high, the price of caskets is often marked up and included in the larger cost of the funeral home. In comparison, online options like Titan Casket offer the same high quality of casket with a fraction of the cost. You can save that amount to use for a memento to remember your loved one by and prevent any excess expenditure at an already difficult time.


Since there is no physical space needed for casket storage, online websites offer a diverse selection of caskets and allow you to customize the casket to your preferences. From the colors to the material and finish, you can remotely design the perfect casket without leaving the comfort of your home. Many people choose based on the deceased’s favorite color or material, trying to make the casket as personalized as possible.

Fast delivery

Many people are hesitant to order online because they believe that the arrival time will be delayed and interfere with the funeral arrangements. However, online orders can arrive quite promptly and directly to your home or funeral home without hassle. Titan Casket offers a 1-2 day dispatch period and 2-7 day delivery time, which makes sure the logistics of the arrangements are stress-free and you can focus on being with your loved ones. You don’t have to concern yourself with transport and can stay in contact with Customer Service operatives to ensure you know the time of arrival.

Emotionally easier online

It is no secret that no one wants to find themselves having to choose a casket for a loved one. It is an emotional ordeal, only softened through the company of your family and friends. During such a sensitive period, no one is in the headspace to leave the house and be in the company of strangers when choosing a casket. Even the sight of the caskets in person can be overwhelming and avoidable. Choosing to buy online can provide you a large relief of staying home and privately taking the time to view a website where one isn’t overwhelmed by the experience.

Can involve family

Not only does buying a casket online provide you with the privacy to choose comfortably, it also allows you to take the input of your family and friends. While it might not be possible for a larger group to go to a funeral home, or even wish to undergo such a tough decision, it is simple to share a website link and gather opinions before taking a call. Having the support of your loved ones when making this decision can lift a large weight off your shoulders. Rather than bearing the burden alone, it can become a larger choice and bring everyone together.

How Online Options Make Death Planning Easier

Online options make a heartbreaking time much easier. They can also allow you to select a casket for yourself in advance. Death-planning is an often ignored issue that is crucial to providing your family with peace of mind in the case of a medical emergency. Exploring buying a casket online, allows you to consider your options privately without having to leave your home and visit a brick and mortar location which can be distressing.