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Buying A Casket Online Or Offline: Which Is Better?

Buying A Casket Online Or Offline: Which Is Better?

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Planning a funeral is never easy as it springs from a yearning to shower honor and reverence on your near and dear ones. And organizing this esteemed ritual can be overwhelming, especially when zeroing in on an ideal casket. Traditionally, you have to visit a funeral home and opt for one of their pricey packages. But, being badgered to purchase caskets at marked-up prices, especially when you are mourning, can be exhausting, frustrating, and immoderately expensive.

Since everything can be found online, from groceries, electronics, and clothes to a casket, traditional American funerals are no longer the norm. The last few years witnessed a rapid shift towards buying a casket online. Multiple online retailers are providing a wide range of caskets at remarkable prices. In your moment of loss, the availability of caskets online makes buying simple for you and the funeral more peaceful. Because you aspire to furnish a dignified funeral for your loved one, it is crucial to examine the advantages of buying online vs offline caskets.

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Online Vs. Offline Caskets: Which One Is Better?

Selecting the perfect casket is a significant part of the funeral process. To have a seamless experience in bidding farewell to your near and dear ones, look at the following points before making a choice. 

  • Affordability: Caskets are expensive. Having a proper budget plan can save you some trouble later. It is better to shop for a casket online as funeral homes charge exorbitant prices for caskets and often use aggressive sales tactics to sell their packages. In your moment of vulnerability, you are left with little choice but to succumb to their pressure. Whereas, if you go for an online purchase, you can circumvent such hassles. An online casket marketplace can be a favorable alternative with multiple casket options catering to your specific demands, all within your budget. Also, FTC's funeral rule permits funeral homes to accept the chosen casket without any additional fee. If the online ecosystem is your problem solver, you have found the precise pathway in choosing between online vs offline caskets. 
  • Opportunity to Pre-Plan: A ready plan is handy in every sphere of life. The story is not any different when it comes to caskets. You can plan and purchase a casket before time for a funeral. With a plan in place, you can shun chaos during crises and peacefully plan a solemn ceremony for your loved ones. During the covid-19 pandemic, many people faced unending challenges in conducting a proper funeral for their loved ones. In such situations, funeral homes often cannot provide the arrangements and charge unreasonable prices. You won't face such struggles with an online retailer. They provide pre-plan contracts that let you lock in the casket rate at pre-decided prices. 
  • Accessibility: During the Covid-19 pandemic, you could comfortably shop everything online, and with an online marketplace, accessibility to requirements is just a click away. It is no different for caskets, as you can access an entire casket marketplace at your fingertips with an online process. But, when selecting a casket offline, you must visit a few funeral homes before finding a suitable option. Comparing funeral packages and haggling prices can be taxing when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. 
  • Limited Options: When it comes to caskets, one size doesn't fit all. You might require an oversized casket or a regular one. You might want to customize the caskets and prefer a wooden casket over a metal one. Funeral homes with restricted space have limited casket options. On the other hand, caskets online are a hub of variety. You can leave your compassionate touch by choosing a beautiful casket from the comfort of your home. 

Now that you understand the perks of buying a casket online, choosing between online vs offline caskets becomes straightforward.


Can You Buy The Casket Online?

A significant reason why traditional American funerals are becoming a thing of the past is that it is legally possible to buy caskets online. Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Law states selecting the casket provided by funeral homes is not mandatory. You possess the liberty to choose a casket based on your preferences and compare prices across funeral homes. Also, you must pay for only the selected services or products, whether undertaken before or after the death. The funeral service providers are liable to provide you with a list of product/service prices upon request. Simply put, every funeral home must accept the casket from you, whether it is bought online or from an independent offline retailer. Thus, you can find a desirable casket online at a time comfortable to you. 

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Wrapping Up

Losing a loved one invites inexplicable grief. In such challenging times, online retailers like Titan Casket can bring a sigh of relief. Initiated with a mission to provide quality caskets at affordable prices, the company ensures families can impart a proud farewell. With air freight delivery, they assure you a speedy delivery. It also brings you an array of premium casket options, including the Era series, Cambridge series, and premium stainless steel series. 

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