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Channels To Buy A Casket

Channels To Buy A Casket


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Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough, but the experience can also be an expensive one. Today, the largest single cost when planning a funeral is the price of the coffin or casket. However, you can significantly reduce this cost while still receiving a high-quality, customized product when you make the purchase online. If you are curious about what options are available, read on as Titan Casket outlines some of the most popular choices for buying a coffin online.

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Where Can I Buy A Coffin Online?

If you have decided to shop online rather than purchasing a coffin in person from your local funeral home, there are several options open to you. You can choose to buy a coffin for sale online from a third-party provider, like Titan Casket, or purchase caskets (including from Titan Casket) through online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. While we always recommend that you buy from Titan Casket directly at, you should buy from the channel you are most comfortable.

Before making any decision, be sure to review the benefits and drawbacks (if any) of each option.


When buying a coffin through a large-scale online marketplace like Amazon, you will be able to read reviews from verified purchasers with first-hand experience with your chosen casket vendor. This can be extremely helpful when trying to decide between options. The familiar search functions allow you to quickly narrow down your choices between the available Amazon caskets. Check for multiple images of a preferred casket and available contact information on the seller. You may want to see if the seller has their own website ( – they may have more options available or additional product details that will help you make a decision. One note of caution: when you are buying a coffin online through Amazon, you are given an estimated delivery window upon ordering. If you need to specify your delivery date, an Amazon casket might not be your best option.


Buying Walmart caskets and coffins means having access to detailed product information and specifications. However, there are relatively fewer reviews available on the site, and you may need to go to the manufacturer’s website or other review sites to get first-hand accounts about the products.  Please note that when considering which coffin or casket to buy through Walmart’s online store, you need to factor in additional costs of shipping. Also, their return policy is limited to only situations where there are manufacturing defects. At this time, Walmart will only ship to funeral homes. In general, Walmart sells the least number of caskets of any major channel.

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Members buying coffins at Costco through their online store can be afforded significant cost savings as opposed to those associated with purchasing a casket through a funeral home. This is not to say that this is the cheapest coffin retailer, but you will be able to order a quality casket at a reasonable price. However, only a handful of products are available through the membership club, and you cannot make changes to the color or style of the product.

Before purchasing a coffin at Costco, or any membership club, check to see when the product you want is available. Their delivery schedule may not work for your specific circumstances, and they do not currently ship to residences for DIY funerals, only to funeral homes and cemeteries in certain states. Also, always ask about the return policy. For instance, if the coffin does not arrive on time, check to be sure that you can return it to Costco for a full refund.

Sam’s Club

As is the case with Costco, members buying Sam’s Club caskets will benefit from significant cost savings over funeral homes while still receiving a high-quality casket. Among the available Sam’s Club caskets and coffins is one specifically designed to honor a veteran who has passed, an oversized coffin, and a popular eco-friendly option. There is a limited set of casket or coffin models available for purchase at this time, but there are some options to customize using different color selections. There are no hidden shipping costs – the price you see when buying a casket or coffin online at Sam’s Club includes the shipping charges.

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Titan Casket

Buying a coffin online directly from a reliable retailer, like Titan Casket, does have undeniable advantages. When you choose Titan, you are assigned a non-commissioned funeral concierge to handle your order from the moment you call to the day of the funeral services. You will have the direct phone number of someone you can talk to 24/7. Our mission is to reduce your stress at a difficult time and assist you in buying and/or customizing a casket or coffin online to best honor your loved one’s life. Along with the ability to personalize each product, Titan offers a wide range of eco-friendly caskets, as well as a variety of military funeral coffins, among many others. And unlike large marketplace retailers, when you buy directly from Titan, you can request a specific delivery date rather than having to rely on an estimated delivery range.

Other Independent Online Casket Sellers

There are a number of other small online casket sellers that offer quality caskets at prices that are cheaper than those available at funeral homes. Companies like Trusted Caskets provide quality guarantees, a variety of funeral coffins and caskets, and shipping to anywhere in the United States.  

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Will The Funeral Home Accept A Casket I Buy Online?

Yes. The FTC Funeral Rule stipulates that the consumer has the right to buy their own coffin or casket, which then must be accepted by the funeral home without additional fees.

Do you have other questions about buying a coffin online or any other issues relating to end-of-life celebrations? Titan Casket is here to help you get the funeral you want at a fair price. Contact us in the chat window or here to get started.