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Can You Return A Casket Once Bought?

Can You Return A Casket Once Bought?

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Why You Should Buy A Casket Online

When a loved one passes away, it is challenging to focus on logistical arrangements for their funeral and end-of-life arrangements. While it is impossible to erase the pain of the loss, it is possible to take a few steps to reduce the burden of planning. Buying a casket online is a key step in decreasing the weight on your shoulders during this time. You can explore dozens of options from the comfort of your home. Sufficient information is available for each casket, and delivery options help you with casket transportation. Titan Casket is the perfect destination for you if you’re searching for a diverse catalog of superior quality.

How To Decide Which Casket To Buy

There are a few key points to consider when choosing a casket.
Type of casket: There are multiple options available, with the two most common being wooden or metal. Within metal, there are bronze, steel and copper options. Often metal caskets can be cheaper than wooden ones, with the price increasing with the thickness of the metal. An increasingly popular choice is an eco-friendly casket that is entirely biodegradable. There are some great choices in clear casket section as well. You can also determine which finish you would like on the casket.

Casket design: You can customize the casket and decide if there is any particular design you would like to include, such as an engraving or an emblem.

Casket Interior: You can decide what material you would like to use for the casket’s interior, as well as the color and any additional design. Common choices for this include silk and wool, with white and purple colors being very popular. However, you can choose a material and color that holds sentimental value to make the casket more personal.

How To Return A Casket

Titan Casket has a clear return and exchange policy that is easy to follow. It is possible to return or exchange the casket within 30 days of its purchase if it is unused and in the same condition it was delivered in. In the case of a return or exchange, you must cover shipping costs, as well as a 30% restocking fee. In the case of the casket being delivered with damage, you can inform Titan Casket customer service and expect a full refund. In any case, it is crucial to examine the casket upon delivery and determine its condition. Titan Casket incredibly prompt delivery, with a 1-2 day dispatch time and 2-7 day delivery time. They can ship the casket directly to the funeral home.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a loved one is by no means an easy or pleasant experience. However, by carefully considering a casket choice, customizing it and making it personal, you can turn this final goodbye into a meaningful farewell. It doesn’t have to be a tedious process, but instead it can be a cathartic journey that helps you process your grief.