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Complete Guide To 15 Types Of Urns For Loved Ones' Ashes

Complete Guide To 15 Types Of Urns For Loved Ones' Ashes

Reviewed By: Elizabeth Siegel

Cross Checked By: William Prout

Decorative Small Urns For To Display At Home

  • Plush teddy bear urn
  • A plush teddy bear cremation urn contains the remains of the child and offers a soft and huggable memorial. These teddy bears can be personalized and you can choose your preferred fur color, eye color, clothing, and inscriptions.

  • White marble urn
  • White marbles signify the innocence of children. They can be convenient and heartfelt for storing your child’s ashes.

  • Ceramic baby booties urn
  • Baby booties are a sweet way of remembering your loved child. The ceramic baby booties urn is heavily customizable and comes in a wide variety of colors like white, pink, or blue. You can have the name of the child or a poem or a verse inscribed on the urn as well.

  • Hand-painted ceramic urn
  • A hand-painted ceramic urn, as offered by Titan Casket, is a unique, one-of-a-kind urn that can be painted with your child’s portrait, a special family picture, or a sweet poem that is special to you. 


    Decorative Small Urns To Place Outside Of The Home

    Small urns are made from durable and non-corrosive materials to withstand the weather and natural elements. Hence, these urns are suitable to be placed outside of your homes such as in your garden or terrace.

  • Memorial tree urn
  • This is a rather poignant form of memorializing your child. The urn containing the child’s ashes is buried in the soil underneath the tree along with all the essential nutrients required for the tree to grow. Hence, the memorial tree urn can be an everlasting memorial for your child.

  • Cremation bench
  • You can place a cremation bench in your garden as a sweet tribute to your child. A part of the bench is hollowed-out to keep the child’s ashes and the bench is inscribed with the child’s name as well as a few lines from a poem or a verse.

  • Garden rock urn
  • Garden rocks are inscribed with the name of the child as well as a verse or a few meaningful lines. A part of the rock is hollowed out to keep the cremated remains of the child safely. 

  • Sculpted metal urn
  • You can get a metal sculpture created of any animal or object that your child was fond of. The child’s ashes are placed inside the sculpture and the sculpture itself can be placed either inside or outside the house.

    Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

    Cremation costs lower than a burial and hence, it can leave you with money to spare on cremation jewelry. This jewelry is available in keychains, rings, and necklaces. It can be as opulent and customizable as you want them to be.

  • Heart necklace urn
  • The heart necklace urn is a very intimate form of memorializing your child. The necklace urn is available in gold, silver, brass, bronze, and other metals. The child’s ashes can be stored in the heart of the necklace and the child’s name can be inscribed on it as well.

  • Cremation diamonds
  • What makes cremation diamonds special is that they are made from the cremated remains of the child.

  • Cremation ring
  • Cremation rings can be made with ashes infused into the ring or with cremation diamonds. They’re available for both men and women.

  • Keychain Urn
  • What makes keys more convenient over necklaces, is that you use them every day. You can choose between a simple keychain urn that holds the child’s ashes in its charm or a three-part keychain with a small vial for ashes, a charm as well as a pendant.

    Alternative Cremation Memorials For Ashes

    These memorials are unique, highly customizable, and a popular alternative to cremation memorials.

  • Hand-blown glass orb
  • This hand-blown glass orb has infant ashes infused into it and looks like a pendant that you can wear around your neck. The orb is completely customizable according to your color, shape, and design choices. 

  • Hand-blown glass suncatcher
  • Like the sun, children radiate light into the life of their family members. The hand-blown glass suncatcher is also made with the child’s ashes infused into its glass. The suncatcher can be customized as per your color, design, and shape preferences. 

  • Cremation Christmas ornament
  • A cremation Christmas ornament offers you the option of either having a hand-blown glass ornament with the child’s ashes infused in its glass or having a larger charm that holds the infant's ashes along with the name and picture of the child. The ornament can be personalized as per your choice of inscription, shape, and color.

    If you don't want to go for cremation and want to opt for burial, Titan Casket also provides you with a variety of youth caskets as per your need.