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Casket Vs Coffin - Difference Between Caskets And Coffins

Casket Vs Coffin - Difference Between Caskets And Coffins

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    When you are planning a funeral, you might wonder about the difference between caskets and coffins. Both of them are types of burial containers used to hold the remains of the deceased. Contrary to what you might think, these are two distinct items but the differences between them are primarily aesthetic. So here is a deeper look at Caskets Vs Coffins:

    Caskets vs Coffins


    A casket is a rectangular shaped box, usually made of metal, that can be used for holding the body of the deceased at a funeral. They are built with a split lid, making them the ideal choice for funerals that include a viewing. Caskets also tend to have more detail on their exteriors as well as a better interior lining and trimmings.


    A coffin tends to be wider than a casket, but the shape of a coffin tapers towards the bottom. Coffins are usually hexagonal or sometimes octagonal, with a greater width around the top to accommodate the upper body of the deceased. Coffins were designed to taper towards the bottom to save money by reducing the amount of material required. This is why coffins tend to be lower priced than caskets. But nowadays there are many affordable casket options too and the price difference can sometimes be minimal.

    Coffins are usually made out of plywood or fibreboard, with plastic handles. In cases of direct cremation, especially when there is no ceremony, cardboard coffins are the most popular choice. They are not only affordable but also environmentally friendly. If you are planning a cremation, then a cardboard coffin might be the right choice for you. 

    Caskets vs Coffins - Main Differences

    A casket has four sides only while a coffin usually has six. Caskets are always shaped like a rectangle, while coffins are wider at the top and taper towards the bottom. If you are planning a funeral with a viewing, a casket would be the more suitable choice. Ultimately the decision is a matter of personal preference and what feels right for you, but there are certain cases where one of the two will serve the purpose better.

    In terms of pricing, the lowest end coffins would cost you about $600, while you can expect to spend at least $1,000 if you decide to go for a good casket. The higher cost can be attributed to the additional features and stronger aesthetic of a casket. Titan Caskets provides several models of both caskets and coffins. 

    The Titan Virtue cardboard coffin is made from recycled wood and fully biodegradable, and is a great deal at just $499. On the other hand, their steel caskets start at $1099 with the Andover Series. All the steel caskets on Titan Caskets are fully customizable, and you can pick from a wide variety of colors. 

    Which Should You Pick?

    If you are worried about choosing between caskets or coffins, you should know that the difference between the two is minimal and both are completely appropriate to use in a funeral, so deciding between casket vs coffin is obsoletely a personal preference.

    For the most part, both the terms are used interchangeably and the difference remains largely a technical one. Regardless of which one you choose, you will find models across a wide price range on Titan Caskets.

    A coffin would certainly be the right choice for a cremation. However if you are planning for a burial then both caskets and coffins can be used. The important thing to remember is that if you intend on having a viewing at the funeral or an open casket ceremony then you should definitely opt for a split lid casket. Some factors to keep in mind when making this decision are budget, purpose, and style preference.