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How Is A Casket Made?

How Is A Casket Made?

Key Insights

  • Steel caskets are made by casket manufacturers out of 18 gauge or 20 gauge steel coils that are passed through various machines and finally put together for finishing touches by hand by the workers.
  • Wooden caskets are built in wood shops either by buying existing shells and lining and putting them together or by manufacturing all the parts under one roof.
  • You can build your own wooden casket if you wish but you should know that it can often be more expensive and time consuming than buying a custom casket as per your preferences.
  • You can buy a high quality steel, pine, or cardboard casket at highly competitive prices from Titan Casket and have it delivered to your funeral home for free.

How Are Caskets Made?

The process of making a casket depends on the material that it is made from and any other specifications with regard to size, aesthetics, and features. The manufacturing process can also vary if you order a custom casket. Generally there are three main constituents to be considered in the process of making a casket - the shell or the exterior, the interior lining, and lastly the hardware such as hinges or handles.

Steel Casket Shell

The casket manufacturer usually receives coils of steel which are passed through a machine known as a leveler to be straightened out into flat sheets. The steel sheets then go through a blanking machine where they are divided into flat parts which are called blanks. After this, the steel blanks are passed through a stamper to create the casket parts and then an automatic welder can weld the parts together.

There might still be welding that needs to be done after the casket comes out of the welding machine, and this is usually taken care of by the workers directly, who weld together any parts that the machine might have missed. The last step involves workers attaching hardware such as handles and latches, and finally any decorative items such as corner plates.

Wooden Casket Shell

Wooden caskets are made in wood shops in one of two ways. They will either buy a semi-finished shell and buy the lining separately, and then finish the product by putting everything together and painting, decorating, etc. On the other hand, a larger casket manufacturer might make their own shells and do the assembling themselves as well.

Final Steps

Once the shell of the casket is ready, the next step is to take care of the upholstery and any accessories that need to be added. The upholstery is either bought ready and simply latched on to the interior of the shell, or in some cases it might be manufactured by the company. The most common interior lining is three-layered upholstery, with the three layers being a taffeta base, a thicker batting material, and lastly a cardboard backing for sturdiness. After the lining, accessories such as steel handles and hinges are welded on by workers by hand.

How To Make A Casket

Building your own casket can also be a good strategy if you are keen on a custom casket. However, you can practically only build a wooden casket yourself, not a metal one. Many people who are interested in woodworking are used to building their own furniture. 

While there is nothing stopping you from building your own simple wooden casket using a casket plan and some essential woodworking equipment, you should know that building your own casket is not always cheaper. It is likely that you can find the type of casket you are envisioning, even if it is a custom casket, from a good casket retailer, especially online. Additionally, building even a basic pine casket can be a time-consuming task that requires around eight hours, even for an experienced craftsman.

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Buying A Casket

Your first thought when it comes to buying a casket might be your funeral home. However, you should know that there are several online casket retailers that provide premium caskets with many customization options at a fraction of the prices charged by funeral homes. You can save thousands of dollars by buying a casket online, and as per the Funeral Rule established by the Federal Trade Commission, no funeral home can deny you a casket bought online or elsewhere.

At Titan Casket, we have American designed caskets and coffins for sale at budget-friendly prices. We have over a thousand models of caskets in several different color options. Additionally, you have a plethora of alternatives to choose from, like their premium casket range comprising the Era series, Cambridge series, Clear caskets and premium stainless steel series.We provide free and timely shipping of the casket you purchase directly to your funeral home anywhere in the United States. Instead of worrying about how to make a casket, you can sit back and relax as we do the work for you at a lower cost than building your own casket.