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Golden Caskets | How to Buy Any Gold Coffin Online, from Rose Gold to Bright Yellow

Golden Caskets | How to Buy Any Gold Coffin Online, from Rose Gold to Bright Yellow

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The largest selection of Golden Caskets online, starting at just $899

At Titan Casket, our goal is to match each of our valued customers with the casket or coffin that best compliments the funeral they envision, at a price point that can fit any budget.  It is with that mission in mind that we are constantly adding to our color and style selections. As a result, we have a wide variety of golden caskets and coffins available

A stylish hue in its own right, a gold casket can also signify deeper meanings: The golden color can be a symbol of wisdomluxury, or achievement; it can evoke the brightness of the sun or the glow of a candle, and it is also a popular color for universities and professional sports teams.

Below are some ideas to incorporate gold or rose gold into your Titan Casket order. 

    Have something else in mind? Contact us, and we can build any of our caskets in golden hues.

     Titan Orion Gold Casket 

    The Orion Series Gold Casket

    We use a rich, high-gloss golden paint to finish our Orion Series Gold Casket. This coffin also features gold-tone hardware, square-cornered design, and a ‘soft-to-the-touch’ white crepe fabric interior.

    Titan Casket Orion Series Pink and Rose Gold

    The Orion Series Pink & Rose Gold Casket

    The Orion Series also features a stunning Pink & Rose Gold casket.  The exterior of the coffin is painted in a high-gloss powder-pink finish, which is enhanced by hardware in a rose gold hue. This color combination is a stunning choice with modern appeal.

    Titan Orion Series Bright Yellow Steel Casket

    The Orion Series Bright Yellow Casket

    Our Orion Series Bright Yellow casket is a great option for those who appreciate the effect of a golden casket but prefer it without the metallic look. This shade of yellow, which is the same used for John Deere products, makes for a bold, eye-catching showpiece.

    Caskets with Golden Hardware

    For those who like gold but prefer to have it simply as an accent color, we suggest choosing a coffin with gold-tone hardware, which comes standard with several colors and can be customized for any other. Consider adding a head panel to complement and enhance the gold tones. Pictured here is the Orion Series White & Gold Casket with a ‘Going Home’ head panel.

    Titan Casket Andover Series Steel Casket in Copper

    Other Metallic Caskets

    Not sure if gold is the right color for your loved one? You may wish to consider other colors in the metallic family. Silver, bronze, and copper are among the most popular casket color choices and are available in any style. Shown here is the Andover Series Steel Casket in Copper.

    Titan Casket Customize Your Own Casket

    Custom Caskets

    Have a more specific vision in mind? Since we make all our coffins to order, your options are endless.  Many customizations are free of charge and require no additional production time. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

    If I order a golden casket, what is the shipping time?

    Our selection of golden and rose gold caskets, like all caskets and coffins you find on our site, are available for purchase now. We make our caskets to order, so we are always prepared to fulfill any order without additional handling time. All coffins with gold and rose gold can be shipped out the next business day.

    Shipping times vary depending on location, but all orders are fulfilled within 2-7 business days. For a more specific shipping estimate, please give us a call at 1-501-420-3990 and we will be happy to assist you.

    Our Best Selling Caskets

    How much does it cost to ship a golden casket? Is shipping free?

    Yes! As with our entire selection, we offer free standard ground shipping on all golden caskets. Your order will arrive between 2-7 business days, depending on the delivery location. Should you need faster delivery, please contact us at 1-501-420-3990 to discuss expedited shipping options.

    Can I custom order a golden casket or rose gold casket but in a different style?

    Yes, you can. If you find a model that you prefer or would like to add a head panel, or would like to change the hardware or interior color, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a custom order for you. We can even make a golden oversize casket for those who may need a roomier interior.

    Many customizations are available at no extra charge! Just let us know what you have in mind and we will make it a reality.

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