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How To Cremate Your Pet - All You Need To Know About Pet Cremation

How To Cremate Your Pet - All You Need To Know About Pet Cremation

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Cremating A Pet - Here’s What You Need To Do 

Pets come into our lives and make it brighter by their mere presence. But most pets live for far fewer years than pet parents. If you have a pet at home, it’s possible that they may have a shorter life span than you. When it’s time to bid them a final farewell, the grief can be quite overwhelming.  

However, there are many essential things to take care of when you lose a pet, foremost among which is the funeral for your close furry companion. While many pet parents decide to bury their pets, you can also opt for pet cremation instead. Typically, to make the process easier, you can contract a pet cremation services provider to take care of the finer details of the funerary requirements. 

Alternatively, if you would like to be more involved in the cremation of your pet, you need to take care of different aspects like deciding on the crematorium, transporting your pet to the place, purchasing an urn for the ashes, and perhaps burying the ashes or scattering them as you see fit. You also need to make a choice between communal and private pet cremation

A step-by-step guide to cremating a pet 

Here is an overview of the key steps involved in cremating a pet after its demise. 

  • Step 1: Transportation to the crematorium
  • Your pet will first have to be transported from the place of the demise to the crematorium. If your pet passes away at the vet’s clinic, you can check if they offer transportation services too. Otherwise, you will have to arrange for transport on your own. Some crematoriums also offer their own transportation services and will pick up the remains of your pet from your home. So, check what your options are and make a decision accordingly. 

  • Step 2: Storing the pet in case of a wait
  • Occasionally, you may have to wait a bit before your pet can be cremated at the crematorium. Sometimes, this wait may also occur at the vet’s clinic, before transporting your vet to the crematorium. In such situations, your pet will be held in cold storage until the transport is arranged or the cremation process can begin. These expenses will also have to be paid for.

  • Step 3: Cremating your pet
  • The next step is the actual cremation. Here, you can generally choose from the following two options for the pet cremation process. 

    Communal pet cremationHere, multiple pets are cremated together. This saves both time and costs for the crematorium, and is thus also a more affordable option for pet parents. However, on the flip side, it will not be possible to retrieve the ashes of your pet because several pets are cremated together. 

    Private pet cremationAlthough slightly more expensive, private cremation gives you the chance to retrieve the ashes of your pet and bury it or honor it as you wish to. This is because your pet will be cremated individually. Some crematoriums even allow viewings in this kind of pet cremation

  • Step 4: Collecting the ashes of your pet
  • If you opt for private pet cremation, you can collect the ashes of your pet at the cemetery and store it in a suitable urn. You can then bury the ashes or scatter them in a place that holds a special memory for you and your pet. 

    How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?

    The cost of pet cremation is typically lower than the expenses involved in pet burials. Factors like the transportation involved, the kind of urn you choose, the type of animal your pet was and the veterinarian’s fees will determine the total cost of pet cremation. If you choose to avail professional pet cremation services from a local provider, you will also have to account for the costs involved here. 

    The exact expenses, however, will depend on the choices you make during the pet cremation process. For instance, opting for communal cremation can be more affordable than private pet cremation. Broadly speaking, however, pet cremation can cost anything from around $50 to $150. 

    Give Your Pet A Fitting Farewell With A Memorable Funeral Ceremony

    Once you have cremated your pet, you may want to host a memorial service before scattering or burying the ashes. This will help bring closure to all the members of your family who loved and bonded with the furry companion. Alternatively, when you lose a pet, you can also choose to bury it instead. A pet casket or coffin is essential if you choose this option. And we at Titan Casket offer durable pet caskets in different color options and sizes. Browse our online store and choose a casket you think your pet would have loved to be laid to rest in.