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Your Guide to Dog Caskets: What You Need to Know

What Are Dog Caskets

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What Is A Dog Casket?

A dog casket is a casket or coffin that is specifically designed for the burial of a pet dog. They are built to be airtight and well sealed to offer protection from the elements when buried underground, similar to human caskets, but they come in different sizes so you can pick one that best suits the size of your pet. Pet caskets come in many materials but stainless steel is the most popular for reasons of affordability as well as functionality.

A dog casket is a great way to protect the body of your dog after the burial, and many pet owners opt to bury their dog in a high quality casket to honor their passing with respect and love. There are several online casket retailers that offer specially designed pet caskets such as caskets for dogs or cats in many materials such as wood, plastic, and fabric in a variety of styles and sizes. However, metal pet caskets provide a premium experience as they are highly customizable while retaining a strong aesthetic appeal as well as strength and durability.  

Customise Your Pet's Casket

Who Uses Dog Caskets?

According to a 2021-2022 survey by National Pet Products Association, more than 70% of US households own a pet of some kind, which translates to roughly 90.5 million homes. Recent research also indicates that pet ownership is consistently on the rise, not just in the US but as a global trend. Pets are becoming increasingly commonplace and people treat their pets just like another family member, which entails giving them the best possible care when they are alive, and also the best send offs when they pass, for example with a premium dog casket.

Just like with humans, pets can be cremated or buried upon their death, and the choice ultimately resides with the pet owner. Although pet cremation is becoming increasingly common, cat and dog burial remains a popular choice among pet owners, with many choosing to bury their pet in their own backyard. On the other hand, pet cemeteries, which are cemeteries set up solely for the burial of pets including small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits, are also increasingly abundant, offering a final resting place for people who prefer not to bury in their own backyard.

The concept of pet burial has been around since centuries ago, with one of the earliest examples being that of Egyptian people who mummified their pets just like they did with people. If you are considering a dog burial, you are not in a minority, as several people choose to bury their dog using a dog burial box or a dog casket.

Where To Buy A Casket For Dogs?

When looking for a specialized casket such as a dog casket, an online casket retailer such as Titan Casket is your best bet. We offer highly customizable and elegant pet caskets and coffins with more than 20 options in the color. Our stainless steel pet caskets are available in four sizes - 2’6”, 3’6”, 4’6”, and 5’6”, making them an excellent choice for your dog or even your cat.

The pet casket comes with a crepe interior, detailed metal hardware, as well as a rubber gasket seal, so that you can honor the loss of your beloved pet equally appropriately. At a price of $1,099, our pet casket offers you the best in the category at a reasonable cost.

Now you can even pre-plan your pet casket by opting for the “Pre-Plan” option on our website, ensuring that the exact casket you desire for your pet is delivered to you at your pet’s time of need at today’s prices without any hassle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a dog coffin, and why would I need one?

Answer: A dog coffin is a specially designed container for the dignified burial of your beloved pet. It provides a secure and respectful resting place for your loyal companion, ensuring they receive a proper farewell.

  • Can you hold a funeral for a dog?

Answer: Yes, you can certainly hold a funeral or memorial service for your beloved dog. Many pet owners find comfort in commemorating their pet's life and saying their final goodbyes in a meaningful way.