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How To Give A Short Eulogy

How To Give A Short Eulogy

Key Insights

  • A eulogy is a heartfelt way to share the burden of grief and experience collective catharsis
  • While giving a eulogy it’s crucial to consider content, tone, delivery and theme
  • Great examples of short eulogies are thoughtful poems, ambient music and personal anecdotes
  • The eulogy gives you the unique power of attaining closure while cherishing your loved one

What is A Eulogy? 

A eulogy is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service to honor the deceased. It usually includes personal anecdotes and heartfelt memories that show the character of the deceased and bring comfort to the guests gathered. It can be given during a funeral service or at a celebration of life. It is usually given by a family member or friend who was particularly close to the deceased. It can often be difficult to give a speech at such a sensitive and difficult time, but it is crucial to use the moment to share your thoughts and emotions. A eulogy doesn’t necessarily have to be solemn and sad, but can be uplifting and bring positivity to the occasion.

Things To Keep in Mind

When writing a eulogy for a funeral, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are content, tone, delivery and theme. When deciding the content of a eulogy, you have to consider which memories in particular you want to share. It may seem impossible to choose, but for short eulogies it is crucial to whittle down the content and make it brief. Try to avoid run-on sentences, and instead focus on the essence of your relationship. You can include an audio-visual aspect with some videos and pictures playing in the background, and even have a musical backing track. Your tone can be somber or warm, depending on your own feelings at the moment. It can be helpful to listen to some music to calm down beforehand or even do some breathing exercises to help yourself deal with the speech. Delivery is important, and depends on the chosen venue. If it is a small and intimate gathering, you can speak softly to your guests. If it is a larger venue like a church, you might want to practice your voice projection or use a microphone. Many people prefer to stand at a podium with a printed copy of their speech for reference. Lastly, choosing a single theme can help you keep your eulogy short and sweet. You might want to share a chronological story of your relationship with the deceased, or even tell the story through song titles. 

Short Eulogy Ideas

When it comes to writing a eulogy, you have total freedom to decide what you would like to say. Below are a few examples and ideas you can draw inspiration from. 

  1. Poetry: Poetry is a powerful and direct tool to help express emotion. There are a bunch of funeral poems available online.  If you are writing a eulogy for a friend, you might want to recite one of their favorite poems or a poem that reminds you of them. You can even try your hand at writing an original poem for the occasion, and print it on the service pamphlet for everyone to read. The trick to reciting poetry well is to measure your breathing and speak slowly and steadily. 
  2. Song: While many believe that eulogies must be spoken, you can even present a eulogy in the form of a song. This can be a cover of a song that you hold dear, or can be an original composition. If it is a cover of a popular song, you can have other guests join in and create a beautiful moment of togetherness. Singing is an incredible way to deal with sadness and stress, and can bring a sense of unity to the gathering. You could even do a short medley of a few chosen songs in order to tell a story. 
  3. Funeral Songs
  4. Honor your Loved One: If you want to give a short and traditional eulogy, you can focus on describing the person you have lost, and all their incredible traits and achievements. This way, the spotlight is on their unique life rather than the heartbreak of losing them. You can tell childhood stories, tales of travel and even day-to-day simple joys that define your relationship.

Saying Goodbye

Eulogies are often hard to give, and even difficult to hear. They signify a new chapter without the presence of a loved one, and this is a hard reality to reconcile with. However, if you embrace the opportunity, you might find that it truly a special moment to share your words with those grieving around you. It is undeniably comforting to have the support of others. While you may be hesitant to give a eulogy and may be unsure of what to say, the only thing that truly matters is being authentic and vulnerable. You can honor the deceased by speaking to guests, and bringing light into a dark moment.

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