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How to Make a Cremation Urn: 11 Homemade Ideas

How to Make a Cremation Urn: 11 Homemade Ideas

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Making Cremation Urns

    The already sentimental and stressful task of making funeral arrangements is accompanied by several costs. In light of this, you can look at more suitable alternatives like making these cremation urns at home or shopping for them online. These options may even add a personal touch to your urn. 

    Shopping for cremation urns online on Titan Casket allows you to browse through several options, make customizations and filter out your requirements— all at affordable prices. However, if you are looking to get personally involved in the process of crafting your urn, you can get down to making your own. This is provided you are not looking to store the urn in a columbarium or bury it in a cemetery. These involve distinct requisites that are difficult to meet at home. 

    DIY Tips

    If you are looking for ways of making cremation urns by yourself at home, here are 11 simple DIY tips and inspirations for you to choose from. 

    1. A classy wooden box

    Most cremation urns are in the form of a vase. However, a wooden box is a less-expensive and simpler way to store your loved ones' cremains. Consider your urn's size carefully. Every cubic inch of space must be taken into account for every pound of cremated human remains. Consequently, if the deceased was 250 pounds, you would need an urn with a capacity of 250 cubic inches.

    2. DIY metal keepsake urn

    If you are sharing a relative's cremains, you can opt for making your own keepsake urn. The keepsake urn is designed to cover and hold a smaller amount of the cremains and therefore its smaller size makes it easy to store. However, opting for a metal can save you money. You can recycle an old mental container as a keepsake urn— this container can be a can or even a flask. 

    3. Paper mache cremation: 

    If your loved-one wished for their cremains to be contained through an ecofriendly way and not in a container that may not biodegrade, a paper mache cremation urn is the perfect choice. It is inexpensive, fairly simple to construct and can be morphed in any shape and size you wish to create. If you are using non-toxic materials you can even opt for sea burial. 

    4. Ceramic Urn with a lid:

    You can make an elegant ceramic lid by following DIY videos online. This is a good option for you if you are looking to create a more traditional cremation urn. 

    5. Making an Urn from Ice:

    If your loved-one wished for their cremains to be scattered in water then you can create an ice urn. It is a method that involves the least costs and lowest skill. When you mix the cremated remains in water you can also add decorative flowers before freezing the mixture. 

    6. Blown glass urn:

    Another interesting DIY cremation urn is using cremains in a decorative blowing glass piece. This piece might be symbolic of your loved-one or your relationship or something they might have enjoyed. 

    7. Embellished urn:

    For a lot of people, crafting an urn from nothing may not be the ideal circumstance. In that case, you can simply consider beautifying an already existing plain urn to give it some decorative value. This might have some uniqueness to the piece as you can personalize it according to their preferences. 

    8. A treasured item:

    Since this cremation urn is something you are making, it can be any beloved item you choose. There is no need to abide by anyone's rule book. Whether it is a decorative jewelry box or a shoe box— the decision is up to you. So as long as you are honoring the preference of your loved one or capturing their personality or interests. 

    9. Picture frame urns:

    Another interesting idea for a cremation urn is the use of a photo frame. A memorial of your beloved can only be complete with a photograph of them. You can either build your own picture frame or simply purchase one from a store near you.  

    10. Tree urn:

    Some people are interested in the idea of returning to the earth after death, and allowing life to grow from here in the form of a plant.

    11. Using Stuffed animal: 

    Perhaps the most unconventional of the DIY cremation urn is the use of stuffed animals. There has been an increase in the companies that specialize in making urns, which appear akin to stuffed animals.  To do this at home, loosen up the stitching of the stuffed toy of your choice and fill it with the cremains.