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Importance of a Timely Funeral: Pre-plan Your Funeral

Importance of a Timely Funeral: Pre-plan Your Funeral

Key Insights

  • Funeral delays can be avoided with proper funeral pre-planning where you plan your own funeral.
  • Easy funeral planning in advance ensures that your loved ones don’t have to make time-consuming decisions.
  • By paying for your own funeral costs, you save your family from gathering funds to pay for your funeral services.
  • With funeral planning in advance, you can make your decisions known to your family. This helps avoid family conflicts that have the potential to interfere with funeral timings.
  • Easy funeral planning can ensure that guests don’t have to keep waiting during your funeral. You can pre-order everything related to the funeral, including a casket of your choice with Titan Casket.

Coming Together in Mourning

Funerals give friends, family, and neighbors a chance to gather and celebrate the life and accomplishments of the departed. Not only that, but during funerals, people get the opportunity to express their condolences to the bereaved family members. Such emotional support and encouragement can help the grieving members to recover from the passing of their loved ones. But the last thing anyone wants during a funeral is for the funeral to be delayed because of logistical reasons. And a potent way to avoid such delays and ensure a timely farewell would be to pre-plan the funeral beforehand. 

Pre-Planning for Timely Farewells

Pre-planning your own funeral means you can make arrangements for your own funeral beforehand. From the burial service to the choice of casket, you can decide everything in advance and document your decisions for your family to know. Here is how funeral pre-planning can ensure that you have a timely funeral.

  1. Decision-making takes time - Funeral planning requires a lot of decision making. When you’re gone and it is time for your family to say the final goodbye, they want to make sure that everything is in order and that all your wishes are honored. This consumes time and can often lead to delays in funeral arrangements, leaving guests waiting. But when you make these decisions in advance, the entire process becomes smooth and takes place in a timely fashion. 
  2. Arranging funeral funds - Arranging funerals are becoming expensive by the day. From the cost of caskets to the fees of burial homes, everything is expensive today. This is a great issue for a lot of modern families as they have to make the necessary financial arrangements, which can take up a lot of time. But by pre-planning your funeral, you also pay for everything beforehand. This not only relieves your family of the financial burdens of a funeral but also saves time that might otherwise be spent arranging for the funeral funds.
  3. Alternative for funeral insurance - Funeral insurance are often looked at as an alternative to funeral pre-planning. Funeral insurances provide a lump sum amount to your beneficiaries to cover the funeral costs. However, this can take time as it requires paperwork and can very likely cause undesired delays. But with funeral pre-planning, you can bypass all of these hassles and ensure a timely funeral.
  4. No family disputes - Funeral pre-planning allows you to clearly express your own wishes regarding your funeral arrangements. This can help avoid disputes among relatives over how the funeral should be organized. With family disputes causing a lot of emotional distress and delay during funerals, proper funeral pre-planning can help you minimize any chances of conflicts and subsequent delays. 
  5. Preparations start immediately - When all your wishes and decisions about your funeral are properly documented, these instructions are communicated to the relevant parties at the soonest. This further facilitates proper and timely funeral arrangements.
  6. Guests arrive on time - During funeral pre-planning, you can prepare a list of guests who need to be invited to your funeral. The guests are notified in time and thus, your funeral can proceed without having to wait for guests to arrive.

The importance of Timely Funerals

During a funeral, people gather to pay respect to the deceased and cherish their life. Delays in a funeral can cause guests to keep waiting and it is always an unpleasant scenario. However, funeral pre-planning can ensure prompt funeral arrangements and can ensure that a timely funeral takes place, providing everyone a chance to remember their loved one and heal. 

With Titan Casket, funeral pre-planning is made easy and accessible. You can visit our website and browse through over 1,000 casket options available. You can pre-plan a casket of your choice and add customizations to it as per your choice. You can place the order by either paying for the entire casket in one go or by paying for it in affordable installments. Once you pre-order the casket, an agreement will be mailed to you and your wishes will be safe with us.

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