Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 01.09.2023

Pre-Planning Funeral- Checklist

Pre-Planning Funeral- Checklist

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How Do You Pre Plan A Funeral? 

You could feel different ways about the idea of death. Some people find the thought daunting, some people are comfortable with the idea of it. Wherever you lie on this spectrum of feelings, there will come a time when you will have to deal with the death of your loved one. It’s a heart-wrenching thought but planning ahead of time for the funeral will reduce the stress of dealing with your loss. 

Pre-planning for yourself is also a practice that people barely speak about. We all have our preferences of how we would like our funeral to be held. We must let our family and friends know our thoughts. Funeral pre-planning and building a funeral pre-planning checklist can help with that!

What Should Be On Your Funeral Pre Planning Checklist?

  1. Picking the funeral home 

A funeral home is a place that can help you arrange for all the goods and services needed. It's suggested that you approach a national funeral home. National funeral homes are oftentimes more flexible in terms of budgets and plans. Goods and services include things like coffins or caskets, floral arrangements, and a plot at the cemetery or burial ground

While thinking of funeral homes, make sure to keep the location in mind. Pick a funeral home that allows you to transfer your package in case you travel a lot and move cities. 

  1. Considering wakes, memorials, etc. 

Before you approach a funeral home, you should decide whether you want to have additional services apart from the funeral. You can choose to have a wake, which usually comes before the funeral service or reception where friends and family members gather after the funeral at a specific venue. You could also have a memorial service that could be held much after the funeral itself. You could also celebrate life service. These types of requirements should be thought of in advance so that the rest of your friends and family know what to expect and help organize. If these are some of the mourning events that you have in mind, it’s good to add them to your checklist so that the funeral home can help you take care of them. 

  1. Thinking of a venue

Adding a venue to your checklist is another important step. You could want the funeral to take place at the funeral home itself or your place of worship. People also choose spaces like community centers, gardens or parks, or family homes. You can also choose to hold the funeral at the cemetery or burial ground. Your venue can help you decide how long the service can go for and the cost of arranging the funeral

  1. Choosing the next of kin for the funerary arrangements

In your funeral pre-planning checklist, you can also add the name of your next of kin who will be carrying out the duties and responsibilities of making sure that your funeral goes smoothly. This is a considerate step from your end as you can prepare the person you have in mind in advance. You can talk to them in detail and share the checklist that can help them prepare for your funeral the right way. It also makes the entire process less stressful for the person if they are prepared in advance. 

  1. Planning for the arrangements 

Another important step to include in your checklist is making a list of elements that you would like at your funeral. This could include decisions like whether you want an officiant at your service or if you have a person in mind who’d like to deliver a eulogy. Mention in your checklist if you want prayers and readings. You can also include information like the kind of music you would like to have and the food you would like for the guests to eat. Including all your special requests can help the people carrying out the arrangements to meet your final wishes with ease. 

The Benefits Of Pre Planning Funerals

There is almost too little to no time to prepare for unexpected events like these. It’s best to have a funeral thought-out and planned. You can find online websites that provide you with a readymade checklist to pre-plan your funeral. We are one of them. With a pre-plan checklist, you can alleviate stress for yourself and your loved ones! 

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