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Should You Pick A Half-Couch Casket Or A Full-Couch Casket?

Should You Pick A Half-Couch Casket Or A Full-Couch Casket?

Reviewed By: Joshua Siegel

Cross Checked By: William Prout

What Are The Casket Models Out There? 

In today’s world, you have numerous options for your final disposition. There are ashes burials, casket rental options, ash scattering options, cremation stones and many other viable alternatives. Perhaps the two most popular burial and funeral service choices are the half-couch and full-couch caskets. If you want to know more about which of these two caskets might be right for you to purchase, scroll ahead

What Is A Half Couch Casket? 

A half-couch casket is perhaps the most popular casket, and you are bound to have seen it several times before. It is the perfect open-casket funeral service casket since it is designed only to have the head section visible to the attendees. Resultantly, only the upper half of your deceased loved one may be visible. The lid of the casket has two individual pieces that have been hinged together. When required, both the pieces of the lid may be opened. This is useful when the body is placed inside the casket by the funeral staff. 

What Is A Full Couch Casket?

The full-couch casket, on the other hand, is a lesser-known funeral container than its half-couch counterpart. Unlike the half-couch, this casket model allows one to view the entire body of the deceased. Common at both funerals and burials, this is a popular purchase in the state of Pennsylvania. In terms of their basic appearance and functions, the full-couch casket’s lid has just one piece, and it is hinged. By removing the entire lid, you witness the deceased's whole body. 

Are They Different?

Although these are not fixed rules about when to use which casket model, there are specific differences between the models.

For instance, it is believed that the half-couch model gained much popularity in the 20th century as it facilitated the viewing of the deceased body during a wake. On the other hand, the full couch is most often the choice when there is no viewing at the funeral. Instead, it is for those opting for a closed casket service, where the deceased's body is not visible. Despite this, you can have both an open and closed funeral service with either of these models. Certain full-couch caskets have an inner glass lid which aids in protecting the deceased while having the outer top open for viewing. The presence of an internal foot panel doubles as the bottom half of the lid of the half-couch casket, therefore offering protection to the deceased body till about the waist. 

When To Buy What?

While this article might have helped you understand when people opt for either of these caskets, the ultimate choice of what to use is personal. There are, however, certain external factors which may affect the choices you make. 

  • One such factor is the availability of the casket. The half-couch caskets are seemingly easier to find than the full-couch caskets.  A significant number of suppliers offer the half-couch in great variety. In comparison, these sellers may only have a few available full-couches options for you. The supply of these caskets is also dictated by regional popularity. For instance, the full-couch casket is a lot more popular in the United Kingdom than it is in the US. Certain religious beliefs may prohibit using either casket, automatically narrowing your choice to one. 
  • If you are on a tight budget, you may want to purchase a half-couch casket. They tend to be cheaper in most cases. However, this may not always be true since they are in greater demand and may be priced at higher prices, depending on the material and stock. 
  • If you want a wide spray of flowers resting on top of the casket, it may make sense to opt for a full-couch casket. This is not a strict rule, but it might make it easier for you to comply with such arrangements. Features such as the inner foot panel or a protective glass cover are more commonly present in a full-couch casket.  

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