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The Difference Between Metal And Wooden Caskets

The Difference Between Metal And Wooden Caskets


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Metal caskets and wooden caskets are some of the most popular types of caskets in the market today. If you are struggling to choose between the two, read ahead to help you understand which of the two might be your perfect funeral casket. 

What Is A Metal Casket?

Metal caskets are made from steel of differing gauge sizes, stainless steel types or even metal like copper, bronze or gold. The word used to describe metal caskets is “gasketed, since their lid is covered by a rubber gasket to seal them from any exterior damage. The price of these caskets varies based on their thickness, metal type and the production process. The most commonly used metal is carbon steel. It is available at affordable prices from almost all existing casket suppliers. It may not have that protective resistance like the stainless steel caskets, but it nonetheless is a durable choice. 

What Is A Wooden Casket?

Wooden caskets have a distinguished look that exaggerates their workmanship. If you are looking for a natural appeal with great warmth and beauty, a wooden casket might be the perfect choice for you. They come in various kinds— cherry, maple, oak, mahogany and pine box. They also come with different finishes. These include a more earthy satin finish, a grainy finish and a polished, glossy finish. Wooden caskets can also come in a variety of colors and interiors. You may be interested in velvet interiors or crepe interiors with gold fittings. Whatever your requirements may be, you can top your wooden casket with perfect finishings. 

Difference Between Wooden Casket And Metal Casket

  • Closing mechanism: Perhaps the most important difference between a wooden and a metal casket is its closing mechanism. The lid or cap of the casket closes very differently in both cases. A metal casket comes with a thick rubber gasket along the edge of the casket’s shell. When the lid is closed, a key located enterally at the base of the casket is wound and sealed shut. On the other hand, a wooden casket is closed by locking it manually, as there is no built-in gasket. Wood as a material does not prevent all elements from permeating into the box. However, the gasket and the non-porous nature of a metal casket ensure no substances pass inside. 
  • Durability: Even if wood can be coated for higher durability, it will still decay after a while. The answer is obvious, a metal casket is more durable than a wooden model. Most metal caskets have a rust and stain-proof coat on their outer shell and a gasket that adds further protection.
  • Price: The cost between the two types of caskets is not significant enough to point out. You can easily locate affordable wooden and metal caskets at good prices. Similarly, you can also find high-end versions of the same. 
  • Carbon Footprint: If you are interested in being more environmentally careful with your casket choice, the wooden casket is an excellent option. Wood decays and returns to the earth, unlike steel. If there is a coating on the wood, it would still decay. Most metals decompose at excruciatingly slow rates. 

Why Do People Buy Wooden Caskets?

One popular motivator behind why people choose to buy wooden caskets is because they not only offer a great selection of styles but also several species to choose from. Oak, maple and mahogany are typically chosen for wooden caskets since they are the most affordable and exude great elegance and warmth. The sheer woodwork, finishes and handcrafts of a wooden casket are incomparable to any other for that perfect antique look. There are even fairly durable species, such as maple or oak. If you are someone looking for great craftsmanship and quality, a wooden casket is ideal. 

Why Do People Buy Metal Caskets?

The notion that a metal case can contain the deceased’s body and protect it from corrosion gives great comfort to mourners. This durability is the most common reason families opt for metal caskets for their loved ones. This is true for all metals— carbon steel or gold. The fact that metal caskets can be gasketed is another prompter for those purchasing them. Metal caskets also offer a clean, modern finish that you may prefer over the porous appearance of most wooden caskets. Finally, metal caskets are much easier to customize. They are easy to alter in color, shape, finishes, distinguishing features and other such personalizations. You can find the perfect range of steel caskets on Titan Casket with amazing pricing options and payment options. 

This article enumerates reasons for purchasing both a wooden casket and a metal casket, to help you better  understand your options and narrow down your choices. However, it must be noted that  the ultimate decision is left to you— so long as they are in accordance with the wishes of your loved one.