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What Factors Affect A Casket’s Durability?

What Factors Affect A Casket’s Durability?

Key Insights

  • Caskets are built to last long and stay sturdy
  • A casket lasts in the ground for more than 50 years if it is made of metal or sturdy wood
  • Casket longevity depends on acidic content in the soil or water and other climatic factors.
  • The sturdiness of a burial vault also adds to the longevity of a casket in the ground


    Of Caskets And Longevity

    Buying a casket is emotionally overwhelming but you would need to make an informed choice. Picking a casket online means you would have to consider several factors such as the material of the casket, size, nature of the soil , the water table and climatic conditions. 

    All these aspects play a role in determining how long a ground casket lasts. Sometimes, there is acidic content in the groundwater or soil which also corrodes and gradually decomposes materials like metal or wood. 

    Types Of Caskets Material Matters

    Before making a choice, you should look at the different funeral casket types available. The most common types of caskets include steel and wood but you could also pick fleece caskets, pine box caskets, paper/cardboard caskets and cloth caskets. 

    When you pick steel as the material for your loved one’s funeral casket, you are essentially looking at a material that lasts at least three decades. If there tends to be a lot of moisture or ground water at the grave site, then it may affect steel. However, many makers of caskets ensure that the steel used is 18-gauge which is thick and heavier than other types of material. Also, steel caskets come with a glossy finish which not just adds to the aesthetic value but also ensures that the steel doesn’t corrode easily. If you are looking at a long-lasting ground casket, pick a steel or metal casket. If the grave site is low on water content or moisture, metal caskets are known to last even longer, over five decades. Under favorable weather conditions, experts say that metal caskets may even last more than that – up to 80 years. You can also opt for see-through or clear casket allows you to say a final goodbye that is both private and personal. Family and friends can say farewells in an intimate setting, and the deceased can be viewed respectfully and dignifiedly.

    Green Caskets

    However, many people tend to pick eco-friendly options for caskets. These could be cloth, wood, cardboard or even woolen caskets. Then the question of durability does not come into the picture because these eco-friendly caskets are meant to be biodegradable. If your loved one was all for green causes and cared a lot for sustainability, you could pick one of these eco-friendly materials for the final farewell. 

    One more aspect to keep in mind is that a ground casket  comes with a rubber gasket sealer and locking mechanism. The gasket helps in sealing off any water seepage into the steel casket so that it doesn’t corrode and stays longer in the ground. 

    Casket In A Burial Vault

    Further, the durability of a casket in the ground also depends on the kind of vault it is lowered into. A burial vault may be made of different materials such as concrete, metal or even plastic. When the casket is lowered into a vault, it is protected on all sides from dampness or high acidic conditions in the soil or groundwater. When the casket in the ground is placed in a sturdy vault, the chances of it lasting longer are even more. 

    Now that you know how long a funeral casket lasts in the ground, you should consider picking a steel casket if you are particular about protecting your loved one’s casket for an optimal period. If you or your loved one cares for sustainability or wants the casket to be one with nature, then you may pick other materials. However, all caskets, irrespective of what material they are made of, are built with a certain amount of durability or longevity in mind. 

    Buy Casket Online

    You can now easily buy a casket online – the process is seamless and convenient and all you have to do is pick the appropriate one for your loved person. Losing someone is unquestionably overwhelming and emotional and visiting a physical shop to look for caskets may be a harrowing exercise. The option of shopping offers a huge relief at such times. You may choose any material, from steel to wood and also get customized caskets

    Choosing the best casket material for your loved ones

    Caskets And Longevity A Summing Up

    The longevity of caskets depends on many factors, including soil conditions, weather and the water table. Caskets are built to be sturdy and long-lasting but if you want to pick a casket that lasts for more than half a century or more, you should look for durable materials. You should also ensure that the vault is made of durable material so that there is no water seepage or acid corrosion. Further, look for caskets with gaskets and seals for greater protection. However, if you are someone who doesn’t wish to leave any ecological footprints, the durability of a casket is not much of an issue.  No matter which material, pick a casket that honors the memory of your loved one. 

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