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Things To Bring To A Funeral Food Reception

Things To Bring To A Funeral Food Reception

Key Insights

  • Common funeral service food items include a potluck, breakfast/brunch items, salads and sandwiches, comfort food, and a full-course Italian buffet.
  • You can also offer funeral gifts to the deceased’s family.
  • Common funeral gift ideas include flowers, sympathy cards, and family photographs.
  • Make sure you pay heed to the appropriate cultural and funeral etiquette.

Given that most of us do not attend funeral receptions regularly, wondering what to take to the same can prove to be a dilemma. Based on your role, and relation to the deceased, what you will have to take to the funeral reception will vary. If you are a family member, you will be required to carry items such as the deceased’s photograph or a guest book. If you are simply a guest, you may be quite confused about what to take to a funeral. Over the course of this article, we will shed light on what is appropriate to bring to a funeral reception, and what isn’t.

Food Items You Can Take To A Funeral Service

As per the traditional norms of many cultures, bringing food to a funeral reception is a part of the tradition. Listed below are some of the most popular funeral food ideas:

Other Gift Items You Can Take To A Funeral Service

If you do not wish to take funeral food items to a funeral reception, you can also opt to take a gift to the service. While funeral gifts are not mandatory, it may be considered impolite to arrive at the service empty-handed. Listed below are some of the most popular funeral gift choices:

  • Flowers: Often the most common gift for funeral receptions, flowers are the easiest way to show respect for the deceased. Many florists also refer to such arrangements as ‘sympathy flowers’ or ‘funeral flowers’. Some of the most common flowers that are offered as funeral gifts include roses, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, and carnations.
  • Sympathy Cards: Another common funeral gift is a sympathy card. Handed over to the deceased’s family, this can be offered along with flowers or as a stand-alone funeral gift. Along with a sympathy card, you may also choose to give a coffee gift card, a restaurant gift card, or even a grocery store gift card.
  • Family Photographs: Many people also opt to gift a framed photograph of the deceased – often a gift that is deeply cherished by the deceased’s family. In addition to this, you can also opt to gift them a scrapbook of photographs or even a memorial album.

What Not To Take

When attending a funeral reception, certain unsaid norms need to be followed. Listed below are things you should not take to a funeral ceremony:

There is no specific handbook about what to bring and what not to bring to a funeral reception. However, when attending one, ensure you abide by all the cultural norms and pay heed to the appropriate funeral etiquette

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