Titan Casket’s Top 10 Black Friday Picks

Titan Casket’s Top 10 Black Friday Picks

Titan Casket’s Top 10 Black Friday Picks

Key Insights

  • Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving, on the last Thursday of November.
  • This day unofficially kick-starts the festive shopping season in the US.
  • If you are looking for a casket, visit the Titan Casket website, and choose from a wide range of caskets this Black Friday.
  • Titan Casket is the most trusted casket company in the US and offers on-time delivery of your casket.

What Is Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving, the last Thursday in November, is called Black Friday in the United States. Often considered to be the most important retail sales day in the country, Black Friday is also considered to be the unofficial commencement of the holiday shopping season in the US. 

The Importance Of Black Friday For E-Commerce Retailers

Years ago, retailers would offer all sorts of discounts and deals on all products, right from toys to electronics. This was often done in lieu of kick-starting the Christmas shopping season. Stores would open their shutters as early as 5 a.m. However, with the advent of the internet, and with more people having access to the same, this shopping fever has now moved online. 2018 was a memorable year for the e-commerce industry, with estimates suggesting that e-commerce retailers amassed as much as $6.2 Billion in online sales alone. As opposed to a typical day, on Black Friday, online sales see an increase of as much as 220%.

Black Friday Offers By Titan Casket

The black friday sale on Titan Casket is live now! This black friday, you can get a discount and save a huge amount of money on caskets and here is how:

  1. We are offering a $50.13 discount on Casket Pre-Planning if you use the code “FUNERALRULE” at checkout.
  2. While pre-planning a casket, you essentially lock the casket at the current price and get it delivered when you need it. This way, you save hundreds by not letting inflation affect the casket price.
  3. Buying a casket online will cost you way less when compared to funeral home prices. The average cost of a casket at a funeral home is $3,000 whereas casket prices at Titan Casket start at $499.

Titan Casket’s Top 10 Black Friday Picks

This Black Friday, if you are looking to purchase a casket from Titan Casket, here are some that you can choose from:

  1. Orion Series: One of the most popular caskets on offer, the Orion Series comes equipped with a shiny high-gloss finish, intricately sculpted metal hardware, stationary handles for easy transportation, crepe fabric interiors, a full rubber gasket, and a sunburst head panel. The Orion Series Casket also comes with adjustable head and footbeds and is available in over 22 colors.
  2. Veteran Select: Perfect for those who have lost a loved one who served in the armed forces, the Veteran Select Casket comes equipped with a high-gloss finish, reinforced swingbar handles for transportation, lined poly blend interiors, and a rubber gasket sealer. In addition, the Veteran Select casket is available in a wide range of colors, suited to each specific customer’s needs.
  3. Eco I Pine Box: Made entirely from unfinished white pine, this eco-friendly casket comes equipped with wooden handles and, on request, can also be fitted with simple cloth bedding and interior as well.
  4. Andover Series: The Andover Series Caskets are a hugely popular choice with customers. Specially chosen for their intricate craftsmanship, these caskets come equipped with specially sculpted hardware, reinforced stationary handles for ease of transportation, a crepe-lined interior, and a threaded head panel. These caskets also have an adjustable head and footbed and are available in over five colors.
  5. Atlas XL Series: If you are looking for an oversized casket, the Atlas XL caskets will be a perfect choice. Offered in more than 20 colors, these caskets provide a wide range of size options, from 24 inches to 44 inches. Additionally, they come equipped with a high-gloss finish, reinforced stationary handles, a pleated sunburst head panel, and a rubber gasket seal and lock.
  6. Satin Series: Meant for those looking for a luxurious casket, the Satin series caskets come with intricately crafted hardware, reinforced swingbar handles, a luxurious crepe interior, and a sunburst head panel. These caskets are also equipped with a rubber gasket seal and possess adjustable head and footbeds.
  7. Going Home Steel Caskets: This series is known for its build, aesthetics, superior design, and functionality. Equipped with stationary handles, a luxurious crepe interior, adjustable beds and an embroidered head panel, this casket is available in an aesthetically pleasing dark blue color.
  8. Artisan (Poplar) Caskets: This hardwood casket is one of the most popular wooden caskets that Titan Casket offers. Characterized by a flat top and a minimalist geometric design, it has reinforced swingbar handles, a rosetan crepe interior, and a latch system for easy closing.
  9. Era Series: Referred to as the most luxurious casket in the market, the Era Series is a stainless steel casket equipped with a brushed high gloss finish, intricately sculpted hardware, reinforced swingbar handles, a velvet tufted interior, and a rubber gasket lock.
  10. The Civilian: The non-military version of the Veteran Series, this casket comes with a piped poly interior, reinforced swingbar handles, adjustable head and footrests, and intricately detailed hardware. 

Visit the Titan Casket website today and browse through the wide variety of caskets like pet and clear caskets we have on offer. You can choose from a number of colors, materials, and customizations.  This comes with the added benefit of guaranteed delivery within three days.

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