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Turning Hair Into Diamonds After Death - Process And Cost Explained

Turning Hair Into Diamonds After Death - Process And Cost Explained

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An Overview

After the loss of a loved one or pet, you may desire to keep them with you in some form. You may do so with memorial jewelry and mementos. For example, we now can make diamonds that include a fragment such as the hair of a deceased person. This form of diamond, when placed in a memento or piece of jewelry, enables you to keep someone you've lost near to you throughout your life.

You may be wondering how it is possible to transform a fragment of a deceased loved one or pet into a diamond. One method is to transform cremated ashes into diamonds or crystals. However, not everyone decides to cremate a deceased body. Fortunately, there is another alternative for diamond ashes or hair. If you retain a few locks of someone's hair after they die, you may use them to make a memorial diamond.

Is It Possible To Make Diamonds Out Of Hair?

You may find the concept of hair diamonds odd. That's very understandable. If you're unfamiliar with the procedure, it's natural to be suspicious that it's possible to change human hair into something as radically different as a diamond. However, due to the way diamonds develop, it is feasible.

Diamonds are formed from carbon atoms. Diamonds develop when those atoms are subjected to very high temperatures and a specific degree of pressure for an extended length of time. Carbon is found in both human and animal hair. That implies we can now make diamonds from hair by extracting carbon using appropriate technologies. The technique results in a diamond that looks and performs the same function as any other. You might just store it in a particular spot or incorporate it into a piece of remembrance jewelry or a keepsake.

A Crucial Aspect

It's worth mentioning that you don't have to be a dead person or pet to transform your hair into a diamond. Some individuals may desire to make jewelry out of the hair of a living person. Some people make beautiful rings out of ashes too!

For example, maybe you and your partner or spouse feel that wearing matching rings with diamonds produced from each other's hair would be romantic. While most firms that transform hair into diamonds serve individuals who are creating memorial diamonds for dear ones, they would most likely be happy to manufacture diamonds for you as well.

How Much Do Pet Or Human Hair Diamonds Cost?

The price of a hair diamond is determined by its carat and color. Other circumstances, such as the seller from whom you purchase a diamond, might also play a role.

If you want to transform a loved one's or pet's hair into a diamond, you may need to do some research to discover a firm that provides this service at a reasonable price. Just bear in mind the significance of researching a company's reputation. You don't want to spend more money than you can afford, but you also don't want to get a diamond from a firm that provides a poor product or service.

How Do Jewelers Transform Human Hair Into Diamonds?

The method of creating hair diamonds varies from business to business, but in general, it consists of the following steps:

  • Collection: A merchant that makes diamonds out of hair will give you instructions on how much hair to send and how to package it. They will also collaborate with a client to establish the completed diamond's carat, color, and cut.
  • Carbon Extraction: Once the seller has collected enough hair, they must extract carbon from it. They transform the carbon once it has been extracted into graphite.
  • Heating: Exposing graphite with a diamond seed to very high temperatures and pressure over many weeks converts it into a diamond.
  • Completion: After the diamond is created, a jeweler will cut it to the customer's requirements. Many firms additionally conduct numerous testing to guarantee that the diamond fulfills particular quality and purity criteria.

A Distinctive Way To Remember A Loved One

A keepsake piece of jewelry cannot bring a pet or lost loved one back, but it may provide some consolation when you miss that pet or person's presence in your life. If that seems appealing, try transforming their hair into a diamond.