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Types Of Oversized Cremation Urns With Their Costs

Types Of Oversized Cremation Urns With Their Costs

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An Overview

Making plans for your own or a loved one's funeral is difficult. If at all feasible, make a plan in advance to help ensure that your preferences or those of your loved ones are respected. Make sure you research all of your burial alternatives as you are making your plans. Though some people still prefer traditional burials, cremation has quickly overtaken it as the most common choice across the United States. While you might believe you know enough about an urn to choose one for yourself or a loved one, there's more to it than you may realize.

Types Of Oversized Urns With Their Costs

The average adult XXL urn costs between $75 on the low end and $350 for the majority of the most popular luxury alternatives. Prices for keepsake big urns, which house only a small amount of the remains, range from $25 to $60 each. Companion large urns are urns that can carry the remains of two people, and they normally cost $350-600. Expect to pay around $500 for a companion urn, $300–400 for a typical adult urn, and $25–60 for a modest keepsake for a good-quality urn. Depending on material, size, personalization, ornamental accents and other factors, the price of other urn kinds, such as burial, scattering, and pet urns, can range from $40 to $200. Adult oversized urns of mediocre quality that are imported, for instance, cost on average $150 each.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of  Urns

Numerous elements can affect the pricing, as there are with most things. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Size: Making a large urn requires more labor and material. Additionally, the cost of shipping and moving XXL urns is higher.
  • Material: Different types of materials have different costs. A hand-turned urn created from a single block of excellent wood will cost more than one made from inexpensive wood. A flimsy metal urn will also be less expensive than a glass urn that has been hand-blown by an artisan. Some materials, such as metal and biodegradable urns, are often available for $40 to $100. The typical cost of other materials, such as marble, solid wood and ceramic, is about $200. The price will increase as the material is worked with greater craftsmanship.
  • Country of Origin: American-made large urns are typically preferable to imports from other countries. Many of the low-cost urns you can buy on Walmart and Amazon are built in China, India, or other countries and don't necessarily have the same level of craftsmanship as those made in the United States. This frequently has more to do with how an urn provider can reach a particular (low) price point. The only way to make good urns that look lovely and sell for less than $100 is to have them manufactured elsewhere and kept in warehouses.
  • Design: It costs more to generate distinctive, innovative and creative designs. Because they are simpler to construct, imitation knockoffs and urns with a simple design won't cost as much.
  • Personalization: Creating a unique inscription requires artistic skill, patience and specialized tools. Most urn businesses have access to this machinery and can personalize the urn for a fee. The price will increase as you add more customization. The same is true for custom sizing and designs; because they require more time and effort, the people who carry them out should be paid appropriately.
  • Type of Manufacturer: Some urn manufacturers prioritize bulk purchases and low prices. Others are created by lone artisans who individually handcrafted each item. Each kind of manufacturer will invest varying amounts of time and money in finding the components, planning their choice, and producing the finished item. Higher costs (and consequently higher pricing) will be associated with particular manufacturers, but the end effect is well worth it to remember your loved one.

Where To Buy An Urn?

You might want to find a strategy to ensure you're not overspending and possibly even make a little dent in your funeral budget after seeing the price tags at the funeral home.

  • Plan Ahead: Purchasing an urn in advance is an excellent approach to prevent being taken advantage of. That's because you have very few options if you need an urn right away and it's getting close to the timeframe. Planning early will help you avoid inconveniences and extra expenses.
  • Buy Urn Online: Online sellers like Titan Casket simply do not have the location and staffing costs that a funeral home does. An excellent step in saving money when purchasing an urn is to purchase it online.