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Natural Burial

Natural Burial

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When making decisions about a loved one’s funeral, you may be overwhelmed. From cremation to funeral, from traditional services to natural burial, there is a lot to take in. Add in your grief and you may not know where to turn.

Of course, it’s helpful if your loved one has left some sort of directive regarding his or her wishes. Increasingly popular are eco-friendly funerals; if your family member or friend has indicated this is their preference, what does it mean? 

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    What is a natural burial?

    Natural burials, similar to green burials, move away from embalming as a whole and all the associated chemicals that are used in traditional treatments. They also tend to avoid the use of steel, cement, or non-biodegradable components in the casket or other burial materials. 

    There are a number of reasons a natural burial might be preferred. Some religions’ burial requirements align quite well with eco-friendly burials. These so-called organic funerals are also quite cost-effective in many instances, as coffins must be simpler and the treatments for the body of the departed are minimal or do not occur at all. 

    Many people like the idea of reconnecting with nature after they have passed on, making the idea of a natural burial very appealing. This sort of directive also aligns with traditional processes for many cultures and religions, which believe in returning to the earth and make use of simple cloths or other burial shrouds after death.

    What is a green burial?

    Note that natural burials are not exactly the same as green burials. The former refers strictly to the process of burial itself, from the preparation of the body to the physical act of placing the casket in the grave. It can take place in any cemetery, so your loved one can have their wishes of an eco-friendly funeral honored wherever they (or you) prefer. 

    However, a green burial must occur in a specific type cemetery, which avoids the use of pesticides or other chemicals. In addition, none of the bodies in this sort of cemetery can be embalmed or placed in a traditional casket. The entire process, from start to finish, as well as the way the cemetery itself is cared for, must be entirely eco-friendly.

    What is the most environmentally friendly funeral?

    If your loved one expressed an interest in an eco burial, or if you think this is what they would want, you may be wondering how to make the process as green as possible. You should begin by letting your funeral director or arrangement-planning team know of your intentions. They can help guide you towards the best and most eco-friendly options.

    The storage of the deceased ahead of their funeral, as well as the way the body is treated, will be different if you opt for a natural burial. You’ll want your funeral director to avoid the use of embalming fluids or other chemicals during the preparation process. This may impact the timeline for the viewing or funeral services.

    You also will need to select a casket or coffin for your loved one. Titan Casket offers a number of eco-friendly options, like pine caskets. Wicker caskets are also a great choice for a green or natural burial.

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    How can I find natural burials near me?

    A good first step to finding a natural burial provider is to consult with your funeral-planning team or religious leaders, if applicable. You can also do a quick Google search for options and facilities that may be appropriate in your area. 

    If you are looking for green burial cemeteries specifically, resources exist online to find such things. Some of these cemeteries may be religiously affiliated, while others are secular. 

    How do I find more information about natural burials?

    Do you have other questions about natural burials? Titan Casket is dedicated to providing you with all the answers you need. 

    We are your trusted ally in planning the funeral you want at an affordable, fair price. Contact us via our chat window or here on our contact page to get started.