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What is a Bamboo Coffin?

What is a Bamboo Coffin?


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Eco Friendly Caskets

When it comes to coffins, metal and wooden coffins are the most popular kind. One of the major reasons people opt for wooden caskets is to support the cause of sustainability, but there are actually several alternatives to wooden coffins even among eco-friendly caskets. Some examples of natural coffins other than wood are cardboard coffins, bamboo coffins, and fabric coffins.

Bamboo and Sustainability

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant on the planet, so coffins woven from bamboo are more sustainable. They are also a generally low maintenance plant and can be grown in a range of climate conditions. However, they are slightly more expensive than cardboard coffins because they have a much more elegant aesthetic. Not only does the growth process of the bamboo plant complete itself in a few months, but also bamboo plants can regenerate from their own root systems.

Most bamboo coffins are made of fine strips of bamboo that are interlaced to create a natural look, and will come with a cotton interior that makes it suitable for viewings or a service before the burial or cremation. This makes bamboo coffins a great choice if you are considering natural coffins but still want the casket to have a graceful appearance. Over time, a bamboo coffin that has been buried will decay naturally. Environment lovers would also be happy to know that the bamboo used for coffins, known as ‘builders bamboo’, is not one of the species that pandas eat.

Bamboo Coffins for Cremations

Bamboo serves as one of the best alternatives if you are keen on opting for biodegradable coffins. The renewable nature of bamboo also makes it suitable to be used as a cremation casket. Additionally, you can also find bamboo urns for sale to store the ashes of your loved one. 

Price of Bamboo Coffin

Bamboo coffins are not the cheapest natural coffins out there but they are also certainly not the most expensive. Since they are usually hand woven by craftsmen, there is a higher cost to compensate for the manpower required. While purchasing a bamboo coffin from your funeral home could cost you a few thousand dollars, you can browse several more affordable options through online casket retailers. The average price of a bamboo coffin purchased online is around $2,000. Titan Casket has a model of bamboo coffins that you can buy for just $1,695. 

Buying a Bamboo Coffin Online

If you have made up your mind to buy a bamboo casket online, you should know that the process is simple. At Titan Casket, you can select our Wicker Coffin - Natural Bamboo Casket model and purchase it by entering your payment details and delivery address on our website. 

Once you have placed your order, we will ensure a timely delivery to the location of your choice, be it your home or the funeral home, so you can rest assured that the casket will be delivered without any further intervention on your part.