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What Is A Fabric Coffin?

What Is A Fabric Coffin?


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What Is A Fabric Coffin?

If you are wondering about the term ‘fabric coffin’, it is used to refer to a coffin made of fiberboard that has been covered with a cloth. Natural coffins have seen an increase in popularity due to increased environmental awareness, and one of the more popular choices is a fabric coffin due to its eco-friendly nature. 

The materials most often used in the fabric covering the casket are felt, cotton, or brocade. Sometimes cotton is interwoven with naturally occurring materials such as banana leaf. This makes fabric caskets a great option if you are looking for biodegradable coffins.

When To Use A Fabric Coffin

If you are really pressed on funds, a cloth covered casket is an extremely affordable option with the average cost being just about $600. A fabric coffin can also be a good choice for cases where the deceased was passionate about their environmental impact, but not comfortable enough to opt for a natural burial.

A fabric or cloth coffin can be a great way to give the casket of your loved one a personal touch. There are some retailers that offer several colors and patterns of fabrics for your cloth coffin, especially with the increase in demand for natural coffins.

Should You Get A Fabric Coffin?

If you are planning a non-traditional funeral, then a fabric coffin is a great choice, especially if you are already struggling with the expenses. The casket underneath the fabric is biodegradable and so is the material from which the casket cover is made, making fabric coffins a good sustainable option too. 

When it comes to functionality, there is nothing lacking in a fabric coffin when compared to a metal or wooden coffin with no cloth. However, if budget is your primary motivation to buy a fabric coffin, you should know that it is possible to get solid metal caskets on a low budget too. For example, certain pressed wood or fiberboard caskets are also very pocket-friendly.

Buying A Fabric Coffin Online

There are multiple online casket and coffin retailers offering different models of fabric coffins. You can choose from three models of fabric coffins online at Titan Casket through our website. We have multiple options available, including an oversized cloth-covered casket. Our budget-friendly fabric coffins start from as little as $799 for a basic corrugated cardboard casket which is wrapped in a subtle blue-gray fabric.