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When And How To Buy A Copper Color Casket?

When And How To Buy A Copper Color Casket?

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

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An Overview

Copper, like bronze, is one of the most durable and beautiful metals used in casket construction. Copper caskets are naturally non-rusting, thus they can be stored and buried indefinitely. They also have a tremendous visual impact at a funeral or viewing.

Copper may be a good choice if you want a long-lasting metal casket that is also very customized. We'll look at copper color caskets, how much they normally cost, and where to find them.

What Makes Copper Unique?

Copper has a pinkish-orange tint and is a semi-precious metal. It is utilized in caskets either alone or as part of the bronze alloy. Copper is also a native metal, which means it can be found in nature in usable form. Humans have been using it since roughly 8,000 BC.

Copper is unique as a casket material because, like bronze, it does not rust. It will gradually oxidize, but it will stay robust and durable. That means a buried copper casket can easily last thousands of years.

Where Can I Purchase A Copper Casket?

Choosing to purchase a copper casket is only one step in the process. Then you'll need to figure out where you can get the ideal copper casket. If you want to acquire a copper casket, your alternatives are as follows.

  • Funeral Home: If you wish to keep things simple, a funeral home can sell you a copper casket. However, keep in mind that they are quite expensive. One of the reasons funeral homes are so costly compared to online sellers is that many individuals make impulsive judgments under stress at a difficult time. Don't be reluctant to price shop; you may build a meaningful and dignified funeral while saving money.
  • Wholesale Outlets: Things are frequently cheaper at wholesale outlets. Caskets are no exception. A casket can be purchased online from online retailers.

How Much Do Copper Caskets Cost?

A casket, regardless of material, is usually a significant and big investment. However, some caskets cost more than others. A copper casket is one of the most expensive casket alternatives. Copper is, in fact, the second most expensive casket material. Copper caskets are more expensive than steel or oak caskets, and far more expensive than biodegradable or "green" caskets. 

A copper casket costs roughly $3,000 on average. Some copper caskets, on the other hand, can cost $10,000 or more. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a casket, copper might not be the best option. However, you may frequently get discounted copper caskets online and from the manufacturer.

Different Types of Copper Caskets

There is no shortage of options in the world of copper caskets. The following are some of the most common forms of copper caskets.

  • Copper Finished In Silver Or Gold: Copper is also quite good at impersonating other, more valuable metals. Copper caskets that look to be made of silver or even solid gold caskets are available. Some copper caskets are gold-plated, which adds to the overall impression.
  • Brushed Copper: A brushed copper casket retains the metal's "coppery" look while adding softness and intricacy. It has a striking, metallic appearance that can complement a delicate, creamy interior.
  • Colorful Copper: You can also have a copper casket in black and white, vivid blue or pastel pink. When it comes to metal caskets, the color possibilities are practically limitless.
  • Glass-Windowed, Half-Couch, And Full-Couch: Nowadays, most copper caskets are half-couch, which means that only half of the lid opens. Half-couch caskets are useful for viewings and funerals, but they are also utilized for burial. If you prefer a casket that opens completely, full-couch copper caskets are also available. In addition, there are caskets available that include a protective glass plate that may be placed over the lid during viewings in order to shield the departed.

Bottom Line

Buying a casket online or offline is no easy task. It's frequently an emotional as well as a financially demanding procedure. You'll also have to pick on the casket material somewhere along the journey. People prefer metal caskets, particularly those constructed of copper or bronze, for their longevity. However, copper and metal caskets provide unrivaled customizability and personalization options. If you want a casket that can survive for generations while also looking elegant at a funeral, copper can be a very good option.

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