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When And How To Buy An Oversized Casket?

When And How To Buy An Oversized Casket?

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Choosing An Oversized Casket

Choosing the right casket for a departed loved one can seem like a complicated process. This is because you are grappling with not just the grief of losing a loved one but also with all the planning and arrangements you need to make. Under such circumstances, you can find some relief from the fact that you can now buy a casket online seamlessly. It is convenient as you don’t have to make multiple trips to a physical store to pick material, color or size. Talking about size, you may have to choose between a standard casket and an oversized casket. Picking the right size of casket, be it choosing from among the big caskets, is an important aspect of funeral arrangements. Apart from the material or color, size is a key element.

While choosing the right sized casket, you would also need to keep in mind that you can also buy a large coffin online. However, there is a small difference between a coffin and a casket, although it is often used interchangeably. A coffin has six sides to it instead of the four on the top part, and also has a wider size on the shoulders while tapering towards the legs. There are plus size coffins available as well, much like oversized caskets.

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What Is An Oversized Casket?

An oversized casket is one which is bigger than what is deemed a standard or regular one. The size is typically larger than the regular ones, in length, width or height. 

What Are The Dimensions Of An Oversized Casket

An oversized casket has an exterior length of 83 inches or more, width of 28 inches or more and a height of 23 inches or more. This oversized casket may also be called a 28-inch casket. The interiors of the size 28 inch casket comes with the dimensions of length: 79 inches or more, width of 27.75 inches or more and height of 14 inches or more. Similarly, there are also larger caskets of 29 inch size, where the width is an inch more than the 28-inch caskets. Large caskets of the XXL size are called XXL caskets and their sizes are generally in the 40 to 44-inch range. The size 40-inch casket has exterior dimensions of 84-inch length, 40-inch width and 24-inch height, while the size 44-inch XXL caskets come with an exterior of 44-inch width, with length and height the same as the size-40 casket. When you are choosing a casket online, you would have to go through all these dimensions to choose well. 

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When To Buy An Oversized Casket

You would have to choose an oversized casket if your loved one is taller than the average American. According to data from the US public health agency CDC, the average height in the United States is 5 feet 9 inches for men over 20 and 5 feet 4 inches for 20 plus women. Similarly, the average weight for men over 20 is 199.8 pounds and for women over 20 is 170.8 pounds. If your loved one weighs more than the American average or is taller than the American average, you may have to consider buying caskets for a large person. Fortunately, large caskets and XXL caskets are available and buying them should not pose much of a problem

Types Of Oversized Caskets

Much like the regular sized caskets, you can also check out different types of oversized caskets online. Steel plus size caskets come in more than 20 colors and have a glossy finish. The steel caskets are made of American-manufactured 20-gauge steel which you can upgrade to 18-gauge steel as well. You can choose from types of wooden caskets for a large person as well. You may choose poplar hardwood caskets that come in large sizes or pine box softwood caskets. For those who wish to choose a more sustainable and eco-friendly casket for their loved ones, there are cloth caskets available in large sizes as well. There is always the option of getting big caskets customized as per the preferences of your loved ones if you buy caskets online. 

Making An Informed Choice

Buying a casket is one of the most important aspects of funeral planning. No matter what color or choice of material you choose, picking the right size is a key consideration. If your loved one is a taller or larger person than the average American, you would need to look at casket sizes carefully before clicking the buy button online. Check out the exterior and interior dimensions of the caskets available in a material of your choice before buying. 

Bidding adieu to your loved one in a casket that is apt for them is not just appropriate but also respectful, so look at the choices before you buy. Buying a casket for big people online means you can check out the sizes, material and color anywhere anytime. The store will deliver the casket to the location of your choice in a hassle-free manner.