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When Do You Need a Coffin For Cremation

When Do You Need a Coffin For Cremation


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What Do We Mean by Cremation?

A cremation involves using extreme heat to turn the deceased remains of someone into ashes. There is much discourse about what type of coffin to use for cremations or whether you need to have one at all. When someone is cremated, their body must be contained in something sturdy and combustible. Traditional caskets are used in many instances. However, they cannot have a metal body or finishing. Luckily, there are several caskets out there made of wicker, teak, wood and even bamboo. The kind of service you opt for will dictate the casket you purchase. There is no law enforcing a person to be cremated in a casket or a coffin. You keep the body in any flammable container, but you are expected to inform homes and crematories about the kind of box you have opted for. 

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A Traditional Funeral Service and Cremation

If you are keen on organizing a traditional funeral service before the cremation, here is what happens. Often, families opt for a service with the body present. The body of the deceased needs to be embalmed for this, and there is also a requirement for a casket. 

You may buy a combustible coffin to contain the body at the time of the service and viewing. These type of caskets and coffins are known as cremation caskets. This coffin will also double as the cremation container. For this to be successful, the coffin must be made out of combustible material and no metal. If you do not want to purchase the coffin, you may simply rent one for the funeral service. After this, you may then transfer the remains to an alternative, inexpensive container that is usually made out of cardboard or even plastic. 

Direct Cremation and a Memorial Service

A direct cremation necessitates cremating the deceased body as soon as they pass. Given the speed of the operation, a casket needs to be purchased. Unlike a funeral service, a memorial service is conducted after. There are times when the cremated remains of the deceased are kept in an urn and on display for those attending. However, this is not always the case, nor is it a necessity. If therefore, you opt for a memorial service after, there is no need to have the body or cremated remains present. Some families, on the other hand, may insist on having a casket present as a container for the cremated remains of their loved ones. The final decision is up to you. 

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Budget and Preferences

At the end of the day, there are no rules dictating whether or not you require a casket for your funeral. It is all dependent on the choices you make. 

Losing a loved one may be a traumatic and emotionally strenuous experience. Moreover, for many families, it may also be a great financial burden to arrange. During such times, finances and budgeting techniques may govern your choice of cremation. By opting for cremation, you are already avoiding paying the high burial costs. Opting for a direct cremation with no service is the most affordable option if you have budget constraints. 

If you are comfortable purchasing or renting a casket for the cremation, viewing, or both, there are several options. If you are looking for a combustible casket for a cremation or a casket for your loved one’s funeral and viewing, check out Titan Casket’s wide range of caskets. They are easily customizable and are available at exciting prices.