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Table of Contents

  1.  Can I Really Buy A Casket Or Coffin Online? Will It Really Save Money?
  2. Why Should I Buy From Titan Casket Instead Of A Funeral Home?
  3. Why Should I Buy From Titan Casket Instead Of Another Anline Casket Retailer?
  4. Are Titan's Caskets The Same Quality As What I Would Buy From A Funeral Home?
  5. Do Funeral Homes Allow Me To Supply My Own Casket?
  6. Are All Caskets The Same Size?
  7. Does The Casket Have Everything I Need In It? Do I need To Buy A Pillow Or Throw Steparately?
  8. What Are Titan's Shipping Rates?
  9. Do You Sell Urns Or Vaults?
  10. How Does Titan Casket Compare To Other Online Retailers Or Funeral Homes?
  11. I Placed My Order, What Happens Next?
  12. Do You Sell Caskets Made By Batesville, Matthews, Aurora, And Other Brands?

1. Can I really buy a casket or coffin online? Will it really save money?

Yes and yes! The process is simple: you choose the product type and any desired customization, and we will deliver to the funeral home of your choice. It is illegal for funeral homes to charge you any additional delivery or handling fees.

If you prefer, we can also deliver your casket to a residential address (such as your home) or to a storage facility.

Since you are buying directly from the manufacturer, Titan Casket is able to charge a much lower rate than what a funeral home would charge for the same or lower-quality casket.

For more information on buying a casket online, click here.

2. Why should I buy from Titan Casket instead of a funeral home?

At Titan Casket, we offer unbeatable prices and superior quality, selection, and service. Our selection typically offers a significant price saving (up to 85%) over buying from a funeral home. Our caskets are thoughtfully designed and manufactured, and we can accommodate custom orders, including building any casket or coffin you can find online from any supplier (and beyond) at top quality.

Titan Casket also provides superior customer service. We are a small, independent operation and take great pride in assisting our clients throughout the funeral process.  Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

To read customer reviews, click here

3. Why should I buy from Titan Casket instead of another online casket retailer?

In short, Titan Casket offers high quality products, caring customer service, and easy delivery. Many caskets you see online are imported from overseas and use lower quality materials (steel, wood, hardware), design, craftsmanship, and most importantly packaging, which can lead to scuffing and damage during delivery.

We design, manufacture, and ship locally using locally sourced materials and have a packaging process designed for stress-free shipping.

Titan Casket is a smaller, independent company which allows us the opportunity to provide personal customer service. When you speak to a Titan representative, you are talking to one of a small group of people (most likely the founder herself) who are dedicated to providing you with anything you could possibly need during a difficult and stressful time.

To contact Titan Casket, call/text us at 1-501-420-3990

4. Are Titan's caskets the same quality as what I would buy from a funeral home?

Yes; we guarantee that the caskets and coffins offered by Titan Casket are as good, if not better, than those sold by funeral homes.

We also supply our caskets and coffins to funeral homes throughout the country, so there is a good chance that the casket that you purchase directly from us is the same casket that you would buy at a higher price from your local funeral showroom floor. 

The caskets and coffins offered by Titan Casket are comparable to Batesville Services Inc., Aurora Casket Company Inc., and Universal Casket Co.

For more information on the materials used in making the caskets and coffins offered by Titan Casket, click here

5. Do funeral homes allow me to supply my own casket?

The Funeral Rule as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensures that consumers have the right to provide a casket by their own means, without penalty. This means that funeral directors must legally allow you to provide a casket yourself and you will not receive any cost penalty for doing so. We recommend requesting a “General Price List” from the funeral home and comparing those prices with ours.

For more information on the Funeral Rule, click here

6. Are all caskets the same size?

Unless marked as XL, Titan Casket provides caskets and coffins at standard size – about 24” interior width – which is suitable for most adult men and women. If this not the appropriate sizing for a particular individual, a larger (XL) casket may be needed.

Titan Casket proudly supplies top quality oversized caskets, for which pricing is size-specific. Your funeral director, or another professional, can help you determine the size of casket your loved one will need.

Titan offers 28”- 36” and beyond interior width on most XL caskets but do get in touch for questions and inquiries on sizes. We will be more than happy to help you find the perfect casket or coffin!

To browse our Oversize XL selection, click here

7. Does the casket have everything I need in it? Do I need to buy a pillow or throw separately?

All our caskets are delivered completely ready to receive your loved one.

We include the necessary pillow, adjustable bed, and throw covers with each casket. You do not need to purchase anything else to prepare your loved one for their resting place. 

8. What are Titan's shipping rates?

Titan Casket is proud to offer fast and free standard shipping. Need it faster? Ask us about our expedited shipping options.

We will confirm your delivery date as soon as we receive your order, and will begin production immediately.

For more information on our return policy, click here

9. Do you sell urns or vaults?

Not yet. But please contact us and we are happy to do the shopping for you or provide you with suggestions and tips for your search.

10. How does Titan Casket compare to other online retailers or funeral homes?

There are a few options when it comes to where you can buy a casket: Batesville Services Inc., for example, is a recognizable brand that is commonly sold in funeral homes. Many of the caskets offered by Titan are comparable to Batesville: for example, the Titan Orion casket is comparable to the Batesville Gemini and Batesville Sierra, the Titan Paris Rose is comparable to the Batesville Tapestry Rose, and the Titan Paris Rose II is comparable to the Batesville Primrose.

Other big-name casket companies include Aurora Casket Company Inc. and Prime (the supplier for Costco). While these brands are amongst the largest in the casket business, they tend to be more expensive than smaller companies like Titan Casket. Also, because of their size, larger casket retailers may be more difficult to reach, making customer service less personal and prioritized.

11. I Placed My Order, What Happens Next?

Titan Casket has built a simple guide to help our customers understand the order fulfillment process. To read our guide, click here.

12. Do you sell caskets made by Batesville, Matthews, Aurora, and other brands? 

The Titan brand is our private line of caskets, which is built entirely by our own skilled craftsmen. Have something specific in mind? We can custom build a casket to your specifications, or you can use our customizer tool to design a casket on your own. Please contact us for more information. 


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