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Green Burial

Eco I Pine Box

Eco I Pine Box | Pine Box Casket - Titan Casket
Green Burial

Eco I Pine Box

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This eco-friendly pine box casket is made from unfinished White Pine. Made in the USA, featuring a high-quality build and design, the pine box casket is a perfect choice for burial or cremation.

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Carbon Neutral Burials by Titan

10 Trees Planted for Every Casket Sold

Carbon Neutral Burials

Welcome to our carbon-neutral burials program. We are excited to offer you a way to honor your loved one’s memory while also helping to protect the environment.

Our program works by planting ten (10) mangrove trees for every casket purchased. These mangrove trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing a natural way to offset the carbon emissions associated with burials.

The ten trees we plant will capture 250 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, offsetting the full lifetime emissions associated with a burial every year for a 25-year period, including the burial and maintenance of the burial site. This means that your loved one’s burial will be carbon neutral in just the first year, and even more so each year for the next 25 years as the trees grow.

By choosing our carbon-neutral burials program, you can feel good about your decision knowing that you are contributing to the effort to reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

Is this program perfect? No, but it’s a start, and we plan to improve it over time. If you have questions, please email us.

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Comes fully assembled.

  • UNFINISHED WHITE PINE. We leave the wood unfinished for a rustic, earthy look and feel.
  • WOOD HANDLES. For easy transport, this coffin includes stationary handles. For a pine box with rope handles, click here.
  • INTERIOR LINING OPTION AVAILABLE. In keeping with the modest quality of this casket, there is no interior included. Contact Titan Casket to add a simple cloth interior and bedding.

Size (interior): 77"L x22.75"W x 13.75"H

Size (exterior): 78"L x28.75"W x 14.75"H

Material: Unfinished White Pine

Weight: 150 pounds

1. Can I really buy a casket online?

Yes! The process is simple: you choose the product type and any desired customization, and we will deliver to the funeral home of your choice. It is illegal for funeral homes to refuse you this right or charge you any additional delivery or handling fees. (Learn more about your rights)

If you prefer, we can also deliver your casket to a residential address (such as your home) or to a storage facility.

2. Why would I buy from Titan Casket instead of a funeral home?

At Titan Casket, we offer unbeatable prices and superior quality, selection, and service. Our selection typically offers a significant price saving (up to 85%) over buying from a funeral home. Our caskets are thoughtfully designed and we can accommodate custom orders.

Titan Casket also provides superior customer service. We are a small, independent operation and take great pride in assisting our clients throughout the funeral process. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

To read our verified customer reviews, click here.

3. Are Titan Casket's products the same quality as what I would buy from a funeral home?

Yes; we guarantee that the caskets and coffins offered by Titan Casket are as good, if not better, than those sold by funeral homes.

We also supply our caskets and coffins to funeral homes throughout the country, a testament our quality and service.

The caskets and coffins offered by Titan Casket are comparable to Batesville Services Inc., and Matthews Casket Company Inc.

4. Do funeral homes allow me to supply my own casket?

The Funeral Rule as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensures that consumers have the right to provide a casket by their own means, without penalty. This means that:

  • Buying a casket or coffin for sale online and arranging delivery to your selected Funeral Home for use in a Funeral Service is legal in all 50 States
  • Funeral providers cannot refuse to use a casket or coffin you bought online, or put unreasonable or onerous restrictions on when it must be delivered or who must receive delivery
  • You cannot be charged an additional fee if you supply the casket - federal law prohibits funeral directors from charging “casket-handling” or other fees for people who purchase their casket online
  • You cannot be required to purchase any goods or services that are not required by law - funeral homes are allowed to charge one non-declinable “basic” fee, but only one, and this should be for basic or required goods and services
  • The funeral home may not lie about or misrepresent funeral or cemetery laws, rules, or regulations - if you are told something is required by law, ask for a copy of the law
  • Other kinds of misrepresentations, such as to the quality of caskets or coffins bought online, or the likelihood of damages in transit, are also illegal. Consumer protection laws in most states also prohibit such deceptive practices. State Licensing Boards in all 50 states have the right to (and do) discipline Funeral Directors for dishonesty and misrepresentation, and Federal law also prohibits dishonest, deceptive, and unfair acts and practices

We recommend requesting a “General Price List” from the funeral home and comparing those prices with ours.

IMPORTANT: If you are observing any violation of the Funeral Rule, please contact us. We help out clients fight for their federal rights. For more information on the Funeral Rule and how to file a claim in your state, click here.

5. Can I buy a casket now for pre-planning and have it delivered at the time of need (months, years later?)

Yes. You can buy a casket now to lock in the price, ensure your wishes are known, and have the casket delivered at the time of need. Click the pre-plan button any casket on Titan, and follow the checkout steps. We will send you a contract. You can learn more about pre-planning by reading our guide here.

6. Do I need to be at the funeral home to receive a casket?

While always a good idea, you do not have to be present at the funeral home for delivery. A funeral provider’s refusal to use third party merchandise until the consumer has inspected it may place an unreasonable burden on consumer choice, in violation of Section 453.4(b)(1) of the FTC Funeral Rule. If you would like to be notified prior to delivery so you can be present, please contact us to set up a notification.

For residential deliveries, the carrier will call to schedule an appointment time and you must be present to accept delivery.

7. What size casket do I need?

Our standard size caskets are 24-inches wide interior, and fit most adults up to 6’10” and 300 pounds. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend you confirm sizing with your funeral director or other professional, who can help you determine the size of the casket your loved one will need.

Titan offers 28”- 44” exterior widths on most oversize caskets. To browse our oversize coffin selection, click here.

8. Does the casket I ordered have everything I need in it? Do I need to buy a pillow or throw separately?

All our caskets are delivered fully assembled and ready to receive your loved one. We include the necessary pillow, adjustable bed, and throw covers with each casket. You do not need to purchase anything else to prepare your loved one for their resting place.

9. What are Titan's shipping rates? (hint: it's free)

Titan Casket is proud to offer fast and free standard shipping.

Need it faster (or slower) or have a specific request (appointment delivery)? Please contact us and we can usually accommodate.

10. How do I place my order?

TL;DR: Buying a casket online is as easy as checking out on Amazon. Simply add to cart and following the directions in the checkout flow. We will review your order and make sure we have everything we need to perfectly process and deliver your order. We will contact you should we have any questions.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on the Add to cart button.
  • Click on your Shopping Cart icon at the top right hand corner of our website and click Go to Cart.
  • In the Notes field of Your Shopping Cart, please enter the following information:
    • First and last name of the deceased
    • Funeral Date (if applicable)
    • Expected or required delivery date
    • Any other information you would like for us to know regarding your order
  • Click on the blue “Buy now” button OR one of the alternative electronic payment options
  • For Shipping address, please enter the funeral home or other location you wish us to deliver. Please confirm the delivery address and timing. Once an order has shipped, Titan Casket cannot guarantee that changes can be made to the delivery location or delivery date.
11. What are my payment options? Can I pay with life insurance?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital payment processors such as Google Pay and Paypal.

To finance a purchase - pay over time but receive the casket now - please choose "Pay With Affirm" on the Payment page during checkout.

Finally - Yes! You can purchase your casket using life insurance. Read more about how here: How to Pay Using Life Insurance.

12. I placed my order, what happens next?

We will call you to confirm details, and get to work immediately.

If you are pre-planning, let us know and we'll send you a contract.

If you need delivery now, you'll receive an order confirmation immediately and tracking information once the order ships. We will handle all logistics and track the order to ensure it arrives in time and in great condition.

Titan Casket has built a simple guide to help our customers understand the order fulfillment process. To read our guide, click here.

13. What happens in the (very) unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or late?

We know that this product is precious and highly personal cargo, and our mission is to deliver your item on time and in perfect condition. We encourage inspection of the item at the time of delivery. In the (very rare) case of damage, please refuse delivery of the item and take pictures if possible. We will immediately ship a replacement item or issue a full refund.

We also understand the importance of timing, and track shipments daily to ensure smooth transit and resolve any carrier delays. If for any reason (weather, act of god, etc.) your shipment is delayed and will not be able to arrive in time for use, we will return the item and issue a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kristina Cannoles (La Puente, CA)
Great experience

Great experience in in time of need when compassion and understanding is everything. I would definitely recommend them

Sharon Bujan-Adams (Phoenix, AZ)
Just what we wanted

The Eco 1 was just what we were looking for. It was beautiful and well made, yet simple and natural.

Cyndie Berthezene (Brooklyn, NY)

We are so grateful that Titan’s customer service made our lives so simple at this very difficult time for us. We moved our line box and were thrilled that we were able to get it so quickly.

Elaine Kramcha (Littleton, CO)
Eco 1 Pine Box

Titan was great to work with - very efficient, responsive and timely. The pine box was quality with beautiful wood grain and knots. Perfect. Thank you!

H David Bashkin (Hendersonville, NC)
All went well at a bad time

Customer service was excellent. Delivery was on time casket was very well-made, and we were very happy. Dealing with the company top rated in my book.

Mike K. (Cathedral City, CA)
Great Eco Friendly Option

We were very impressed with Titan, and found exactly what we were looking for. Price was half of what the funeral home was quoting. The phone representative was friendly, super knowledgeable and helpful. Having never done this before, they walked us through the process and made is easy while being very respectful of our loss. Free shipping was great and it arrived in just two days. It was sturdy and made of all natural materials. We were a bit concerned it would not be strong enough, but it proved to be perfect. We complimented the casket with a spray of local flowers and greenery which spruced it up a bit. Another concern was that we thought some people would think we were being cheap or not honoring our passed loved one with a simple box, but we knew our dad would want the most simple and most eco-friendly option. To our surprise several people that came to the funeral said; "that is exactly how I want to be buried when it is my time!" This does not come with a pillow, so if you want an open casket you might need to add a pillow, which we did. There is no lining, but we were OK with that. Nothing wasted and again a great eco friendly option. Thank you Titan for your great product.

Richard Dinkins (Ringgold, GA)
Responding with hopes I cancel out the “Bait and Switch”

I fully understand how hard it is to have a 5-star rating online. Some people online complain to complain, and rarely when people are satisfied, they rarely leave a message stating so. To come across a company that does have plenty of people leaving great comments only shows how happy most of your customers have been. I noticed the “Bait and Switch” comment and thought Liz and/or Josh did a great job explaining what happened and it shows you’re still trying to please a customer even when I’m not sure you should be. You seem like a great business, and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.

Thank you so much Mr. Dinkins - we do our best to be transparent and build our little company in public. We love our positive reviews, and then every negative review is an opportunity for us to fix things with that client, as well as improve our process to ensure whatever misstep/miscommunication doesn't happen again. All feedback is welcome, especially supportive notes like yours. We'll be here for you and your community should we ever be able to help.

Best - Josh [writing from Liz's account :)]

T Mason (Oklahoma City, OK)
Pine Box

Looked fine in the PIC, price was pretty reasonable, and the mortuary approved it.

Gary Crevling (Seattle, WA)
Bait and Switch

After my selection, purchase and added fee for guaranteed delivery were made the agent called me back 45 minutes later to say that not only were they out of stock but the delivery promise could not be kept but at a 50% increase there was availability in CA for a casket I definitely did not want but could meet the delivery deadline. When I informed them that the state of WA has a “Bait and Switch” law, they miraculously “found” a casket I had paid for AND could meet a delivery date. As if I need more anxiety at this time.But they were held the price of the local funeral home.

Hi Mr. Crevling,

Thank you for your feedback; I’ve reviewed this case closely. Here’s what I've deducted happened:

We absolutely made the mistake of promising you delivery of the pine box for $799 of 11/2. The associate you spoke with misread our inventory levels in the nearest warehouse to you, and thought we were in-stock on the item locally for an 11/2 delivery. After you placed the order and she was setting up the shipment, she rechecked out inventory and realized her mistake. We were out of stock locally, and could only deliver a Pine Box from a further away warehouse. I'm so sorry this happened.

When we called you back, we offered you our Andover casket for $999 that could deliver on 11/2, or a Pine Box that could ship from a more remote warehouse and deliver on a later date (11/7). Once you confirmed that you could move the delivery date to 11/7, we were glad to ship you a Pine Box. In retrospect, given our initial mistake, we should have given you the option of an Andover for $799 for the original delivery date or the Pine Box for the later date. We’ve now updated our policies to do so if this situation ever re-arises with a future customer.

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to via the Bait and Switch law, but please know that this was an honest mistake (we certainly don't make more margin on an Andover, and our team is non-commissioned, so there'd be no benefit even if we had malicious intent).

Our goal with every phone call is to meet the client's needs - it's our entire mission. I'm glad we were able to do that for you, but I apologize for the miscommunications. I left you a voicemail to discuss, but please call me anytime to discuss at 501-420-3990.

Best - Josh, Co-Owner

Yotam Ben-Artzi (Pittsburgh, PA)
Quality casket. Quality Price. Quality Service.

My father always expressed his desire for a minimalist funeral. To do that, you really have to plan ahead. The Eco Ii Pine Casket with Rope Handles fit the bill. It was delivered within a week and now we have peace of mind knowing we will not be forced to choose from among the caskets available at the funeral home. Kudos Titan!

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