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Reflections Series | Gold Steel Casket with White Interior - Titan Casket

Reflections Series | Gold Steel Casket with White Interior

Titan Casket
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One of our most unique offerings, the Titan Reflections Series steel casket is designed with a wraparound reflective panel to invite an air of tranquility and contemplation. The Reflections Series is crafted with the utmost care attention to detail. Featuring a high-gloss finish, sculpted, detailed seashell hardware, squared-corner design, reinforced swingbar handles and 'soft to the touch' crepe interior. No expense is spared in creating this beautiful tribute: the 20 gauge steel casket is completed with a full rubber gasket and an adjustable bed (both head and foot).

Key Features:

  • Reflective Panel. The exterior features a subtle wraparound reflective element.
  • Swingbar Handles. The hinged handles pivot outwardly for ease of transport and an elegant effect.
  • Detailed, Sculpted Hardware. The exterior of the casket and all metal hardware showcase intricate seashell hardware.
  • Gasketed Casket. This casket comes with a full rubber gasket.
  • High Gloss Finish. We enhance the look of the steel with a high gloss gold finish.
  • Crepe Interior. The white crepe interior is lightly patterned and very soft to the touch.
  • Wide Range of Colors. Visit here to view our extensive color collection.

Why You Should Buy from Titan Casket:

  • Buy direct and save. Use the FTC’s funeral rule to ship to the funeral home of your choice and save 85% or more off the price of a casket.
  • Modern, hand-crafted design. Made in the USA using high-quality and locally-sourced materials.
  • Trusted, high quality service. We are your friend in the funeral business, and here for you 24/7.


Country of Origin: USA

Size (interior): 79"L x 24 "W x 14"H

Size (exterior): 83"L x 28"W x 23"H 

Weight: 180 pounds

Designed to fit standard size burial vaults

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
New meaning to casket sharp!

My dearly departed (3/9/21) Mother's favorite color was purple not lavender or lilac but a true ROYAL PURPLE. I can't believe I was able to find such a color in a casket. The gold embellishments also made sense as she was a yellow gold jewelry kind of person.

Titan casket was very responsive from my first e-chat on the website, to my first contact by phone with a human being to tracking and emailing with Elizabeth.

When the funeral director/owner saw the casket he said "it looks like it was made for royalty!"

I told my Mom before they closed the casket..the Royal Purple flowers, her Royal Purple turtleneck under a Black suit and her Royal purple casket meant she gave new meaning to being "Casket Sharp"!!!

If you are reading this review I am so sorry for your loss.

Erica D-J

Grateful Parents

Thank you Liz for your professional prompt services. The casket was beautiful for our daughter.


I will be recommending your site. The casket was beautiful. Thanks for your service

Thank you Mr. Estes, for your review and for including this beautiful picture.