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What Is The 6 Popular Rose Colors For Funerals — And What They Each Mean

What Is The 6 Popular Rose Colors For Funerals — And What They Each Mean

Key Insights

  • There are different colors of roses that you can send or take with you to a funeral.
  • White roses symbolize purity and innocence, while red roses indicate beauty and everlasting love.
  • You can also choose yellow roses for friendship, ivory roses for loyalty, or pink roses for grace and admiration.
  • Unconventional colors like black and purple may also be good choices.

Attending A Funeral Ceremony And What Color Roses Should You Take?

If you are a guest at a funeral ceremony, it’s possible that you are considering a gift of funeral flowers for the grieving family. More specifically, you could consider funeral roses because these flowers carry a great deal of sentimental value. When it comes to choosing the color of the roses for a bouquet or even a casket spray, you have many options like white roses, red roses, yellow roses or even black roses. 

The choice of what funeral flower colors to pick is entirely your decision. However, to make the right choice, it helps if you know what the different colors of roses mean. This way, you can offer a bouquet of funeral flowers in a color that celebrates the best traits of the person who has passed on. You can also base your choice on what their favorite color was. But it always helps to know the significance of the different colors of funeral roses

Roses have long been an integral part of various ceremonies, and funerals are no exception. With their calming scents and their sophisticated appearance, roses fit equally well in simple funeral bouquets as well as in ostentatious casket sprays. No matter what kind of funeral flower arrangements you are taking along as a gift, you can never go wrong with roses. Check out what the different colors of this flower signify before you make a choice. 

1. White roses
White is often the traditional color chosen for funeral flowers. White roses signify purity, innocence, honor and peace. If the person who has passed on was an elderly and well-respected person in your community, this may be an appropriate choice of flowers to take along to the ceremony. White roses may also be suitable for the funerals of babies or children, or of someone who passed away too soon. 
2. Red roses
Red may not be the first color you think of when you are looking for funeral flower colors. However, depending on the nature of the ceremony and on the person who has passed away, red roses may be a perfect choice. The color evokes an image of beauty and represents everlasting love. They also indicate a deep strength and an unwavering passion for life. If these were the defining traits of your loved one, red roses might be the right option.
3. Yellow roses
Yellow is a happy color, so you may think it might not belong in a funeral. However, sometimes, a splash of joy could be just what the mourning family needs. Yellow roses may also be ideal for a funeral ceremony that is more of a celebration than a mourning. They may also be appropriate if you are visiting a funeral service as a friend, because the color yellow defines trusted friendships too.
4. Ivory roses
Ivory roses may often be clubbed in the same category of white roses. But they are of a warmer shade than white flowers and carry their own significance. The color ivory stands for loyalty, fidelity and devotion. This makes ivory roses appropriate for someone who was in a long and loving marriage, since it symbolizes their lasting romance and love even after death. 
5. Pink roses
Pink is a beautiful color that is suitable for many occasions. In a funeral, sending or taking along pink roses is a nod to various wonderful values and traits like grace, admiration, and even romance. Since it is often considered a very feminine color, pink is a good choice for funeral roses when you want to honor a mother, a daughter or even a woman who was a good friend. 
6. Black roses
Black is undoubtedly an unconventional color in most situations, but even more so when it comes to funerals. That said, black funeral roses could be suitable because they indicate sorrow and mourning. If the grieving family suffered a sudden and unexpected loss, black roses could be a suitable choice for funeral flowers
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Choosing The Best Rose Color To Express Your Sympathy And Support

Now that you know what each of the funeral flower colors represent, you can make a more informed choice about which hue to pick. If you’re still in a dilemma, you could create a bouquet of different colored roses to express various sentiments all at once. This could also make for a great casket spray, because you need to add a lot of flowers to create the bouquet that goes on the casket. 

Another wonderful way to choose a good color for your funeral roses is to choose the favorite color of the person who has passed on. An explosion of roses in that color will no doubt bring a smile to the faces of the grieving family, and make them remember some fond memories with their loved one. 

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