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7 Creative Ideas for Pet Ashes After Cremation

7 Creative Ideas for Pet Ashes After Cremation

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

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 Humanity's love for pets

Your pets are more than animal companions, they’re family members. They brighten your day, and their presence brings an indescribable joy to family life. Whether it is a single family member who brings them into your life or a strange coincidence, they quickly become loved by all. While they live for shorter periods of time, they leave an unforgettable mark on your soul. At the time of their passing, it’s only right that their memory lives on and can be carried with you as you move forward. 

Why you should make a memento

Many people might like to hold a memento that makes them feel close to their pet even without their physical presence. The lasting presence they have on us is undeniable, but it can be difficult to adjust to their absence after they have passed. It can be confusing to decide what to do with the pet’s ashes. However, upon further thought, there are plenty of creative ideas for pet ashes to help you keep a part of them forever. Since the pets cannot voice their opinion, it is up to the family to determine how they would like to memorialize their affection.

7 Creative Ideas for pet’s ashes

After pet cremation, you have a variety of options to choose from. Below are a few ideas that stand out, providing you with a unique and creative way to keep your pet’s memory alive.

Glass pieces

Many artisans specialize in designing glass trinkets or figurines, with a small trace of your pet’s ashes included in the mixture. You have a high level of customization available and can decide what form you would like the glass to take. Many people create paw prints of their beloved pet, or even glass hearts to place in the house as a daily reminder of their pet.

Memorial jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a beautiful and convenient way to help you carry your pet’s ashes with you as you go about your daily life. There are many ways to do this, from a locket to a metal pendant worn around your neck. You can engrave the jewelry with your pet’s name and day of birth. Through this method, you can have a small but touching memento to carry with you during travel.

Living urn

A growing trend, living urns use your pet’s ashes to grow a plant or tree. By buying an organic urn and burying your pet’s ashes in a spot you will visit frequently, like your backyard, you can create another life with the ashes of your pet. This creates a special space where you can go to feel your pet’s presence and remember them. It is also a thoughtful way to carry on their memory for future generations who can watch the tree grow.


Artwork is an often unappreciated approach of honoring your pet’s memory. Many artists allow you to share your pet’s ashes, which they mix with their materials while creating a painting. You can request whichever visual you desire, whether it is a picture of your pet or even their favorite space and toy. You can hang it up in your home to help include their memory in daily life.


A lasting way to ensure your pet has a physical presence in your home after their passing could be to create stones made with the ashes of your pet. Stones are durable and difficult to damage, which ensures that no harm will come to your memento. Depending on their size, they can be portable and have their own place in your home.

Vinyl record

A fascinating idea to honor your pet could be to customize a vinyl. Many specialists can include traces of your pet’s ashes in the record when they print it. You could include songs that remind you of your pet, or even music they seemed to enjoy. This is a lasting memento that could be passed down to your children and kept as a family heirloom.


An unconventional but exciting option is to get a tattoo with your pet’s ashes included in the ink. This is a safe procedure and is a permanent way to remember your pet and acknowledge the interlink of your lives. Many tattoo artists offer this option, and you could carry the imprint of your pet on your skin forever.

Cherishing their memory

There are few deeper griefs in life than losing a pet. Without communicating, they find a way to understand and comfort you. Their positive energy and unconditional love is unparalleled, and there is no way to replace it. Despite the pain of their demise, there are ways to honor them in their passing and show your appreciation for their presence. Cremating your pet’s ashes and storing them into a pet urn or creating a memento in a creative manner is the perfect way to never forget them or the joy they brought to you.

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