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6 Best Coffin Decoration Ideas For Personalized Funerals

6 Best Coffin Decoration Ideas For Personalized Funerals

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Placing Items Of Love On Coffins

Funerals are intimate affairs shared by people who love and admire the deceased. Most people go in with the assumption that funerals are meant to be somber. That doesn’t have to be the case if your loved one wants a more upbeat or cheerful goodbye. If you’re organizing the funeral for the deceased, you should know that honoring the wishes of your loved one is of utmost importance. Giving a reflection of their individuality in the funeral service would be a respectful and thoughtful gift to the deceased. There are so many options to explore with decorations. Here are some ideas:

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6 Beautiful Coffin Decoration Ideas 

Coffins in themselves are quite plain. You could choose any material, be it cardboard, bamboo, wood, wicker or seagrass, and amp the look with a piece of decoration. Different materials can also allow you to explore the various ways you can decorate the coffin.

1. Pictures for a thousand words
An easy and approachable decoration idea would be creating a collage and pinning it on the coffin. You could also have coffins customized and have these pictures printed on the exterior. You can attach personal memories that you’ve shared with your loved one, pictures from a memorable trip, photos of friends and family members, and pictures that remind you of joyous and celebratory occasions in general.
If you’re looking to do something simpler, you can attach your favorite pictures to a string and have it hang on the front of the coffin. You can always accompany the decorations with casket sprays too.
2. All that glitters
Organizing a funeral for someone who always lived larger than life demands  a coffin that reflects their personality. If your loved one was glamorous, you could choose to decorate their coffin in rhinestones or studs. Most online retailers will have the option of customizing your coffin ideas and can bedazzle it to your needs.
If you’re not looking to cover the entire coffin in rhinestones and glitter, you can always pick a shape or pattern, like a heart or flower, and have it made in rhinestones on the coffin.
3. Flags and banners
Draping a flag on a coffin represents the love the deceased had for their nation. There are rules on how you can use a flag on a coffin. You can also choose to lay a banner across the coffin that could read a meaningful quote or could hold a picturesque view of a place that your loved one cherished. If the deceased was attached to an organization or a movement, you can also have a flag or make a banner that represents their ideologies.
4. Paintings memories 
Another personal and thoughtful casket decoration ideas would be painting the coffin with your friends and family members. Coffins, especially made out of cardboard or wood, are easy to paint on. If your loved one was a painter, you could use the materials and equipment of your loved one and paint on the coffin. The kids can also finger paint and add to the personalized coffin.
You can also have the deceased’s paintings placed on the coffin or have it customized as the exterior of the coffin itself. 
5. Quilts
If your family members are enthusiastic about building something personal, you can suggest making a DIY quilt for them. Everyone can bring a piece of cloth and have it stitched together to form a beautiful quilt. This way, the deceased can take a part of you with them.
If your loved one was ever enthusiastic about knitting or making a quilt themselves, you can cover the coffin in their work.  
6. Sporty Coffins
If your loved one was into sports and owned a lot of merchandise, you can have a decoration made out of it. Football jerseys, baseball gloves, foam fingers and caps could make for special decoration pieces. If the deceased played sports professionally, you could place their medals and trophies at the top and have them fixed into the coffin.

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These are just a few coffin decoration ideas for how you can decorate the coffin for your loved one. There are no hard and fast rules for decoration ideas. Have a conversation with your friends and family members to find the most fitting decoration idea for your loved one. Personalizing the funeral service will not only honor the deceased the right way but will also leave you with memories that you can hold and cherish!