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Cremation Jewelry: Types & Cost

Cremation Jewelry: Types & Cost

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Cremation Jewelry And Everything You Need To Know

We adorn ourselves with precious diamonds and shiny items throughout our lives. We mark our momentous moments with precious jewelry. Be it a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or a present as an appreciative gesture, jewelry represents a very special emotion of love. It becomes the language of love and tells us how a gift like this can create a meaningful relationship. 
Cremation jewelry becomes another such example of an item of love.


What Is Cremation Jewelry?

Having a piece of jewelry that carries the cremation ashes of your loved one is known as cremation jewelry. Jewelry that is infused with ashes is also another type of cremation jewelry. You could also have jewelry that holds other items like hair. That makes for a unique and personal item that will help you remember and keep your loved one close to you even after he/she/they have passed away.
Cremation jewelry can come in various types, shapes, sizes and costs. You can play around with the material or the type of jewelry you want and have it personalized to your needs.
Cremation jewelry is usually designed with a hollow space that holds the ashes or other items of your loved one. The ashes are held in a cavity of the jewelry and are sealed off completely. This keeps the ashes safe and close to you.

Types Of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry has existed for multiple centuries now. You can find cremation jewelry, known as mourning jewelry then, from the 16th century. In fact, after the passing of Prince Albert of England, Queen Victoria introduced the idea of mourning jewelry, fashioning dark jewelry crafted using black wood and onyx. With time, people have found creative and unique ways of wearing cremation jewelry. Some of these include:
1. Pendants: A pendant is a simple piece of jewelry that you can wear around your neck and have close to your heart at all times. Pendants are widely preferred by people as cremation jewelry items. They are simple and can be customized to different shapes and sizes too. Pendants securely hold the ashes or other items in place. You can also decide the length of the chain along with the material.
Some of the common shapes include a cross, hearts, photo lockets, and simple squares or rectangles. You can get creative with the shape and have a pendant that is unique to the memory of your loved one.
2. Rings: Another popular cremation keepsake is a ring. Rings are also highly customizable. You can have the ashes stored in the ring and have a precious stone placed on the top. You can use the birthstone of the deceased or pick their favorite color and have a ring made out of it.
3.  Keychains: One of the easiest cremation items would be making a keychain with the remains of your loved one. You can have the ashes stored in a small container and have a keychain strung around the item. You can have it made in different shapes and attach it to your house keys, car keys or even purse to carry the memory of your loved one with you.
4. Bracelets: If you’re someone who doesn't like wearing rings or can’t have something hanging around your neck, bracelets make for the perfect choice. You can wear it around your wrist and have your loved one close to you. You can also have messages engraved into the bracelet. This could be the deceased’s favorite quote or a line or two from their favorite song. You can also find ways to do this on the pendant, ring or keychain.

Buy The Jewelry That Suits Your Needs

These are some of the many options but you can pick your favorite type of jewelry and have the ashes stored in them. You can also make a pendant or keychain with a picture of your loved one and have the ashes or items stored in that.
Cremation jewelry is usually made out of materials like stainless steel, silver, brass, gold, crystals, diamond, glass and plastic.
Every material comes bearing a cost to it. A simple and affordable piece of cremation jewelry can cost you $50. You can have jewelry infused with materials like glass or diamond which is more expensive. You could be looking at paying $85 to $695, based on the material and type of jewelry that you pick. If you’re looking for jewelry made out of gold, crystal or diamond, it can cost you $1000 and more to have it made in these materials.
If you wear jewelry regularly or are finding ways of remembering your loved one even after they're gone, cremation jewelry would make for the perfect solution.