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Dress Code To A Catholic Funeral

Dress Code To A Catholic Funeral

Key Insights

  • Catholic funerals follow traditions that have been practiced for years, these include vigil and funeral services
  • Wearing appropriate and respectful attire that’s usually dark and somber is seen as a sign of respect towards the deceased
  • You should avoid wearing loud and sparkly jewelry and accessories to adhere to the dress code
  • As a sign of respect, you can carry a casket spray or a bouquet to the funeral

Attending A Catholic Funeral 

Catholicism is a widely practiced religion across the world and has, over time, established traditions that are entrenched into the faith. When attending a catholic funeral, you must pay attention to these funeral etiquettes and pay respects to the deceased the right way. 

If you’re attending a catholic funeral for the first time or if you’re organizing a catholic funeral, you should be prepared to witness a somber and respectful service. 

What To Wear At A Catholic Funeral?

It’s an unusual thought to have but thinking about your funeral outfit is important, especially when you’re attending a Catholic funeral. Catholic funeral etiquette involves you to dress in dark and somber clothes. This is seen as a sign of respect for the deceased. You will usually spot men in black tuxedos or full black outfits and women in either black knee-length dresses or black trousers. Wearing dark and muted colors suggests that you’re in mourning and is considered the most appropriate funeral outfit. 

You can wear casual wear too, including jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. but keep in mind to wear them in muted colors. Loud and vibrant colors may send off the wrong message. If you’re planning to wear jewelry, you should make sure to wear simple and elegant rings or necklaces to accompany your outfit. Wearing excessive or heavy jewelry will be taken as a sign of disrespect for the deceased. 

What Happens Before The Funeral? 

Before the funeral service is arranged for the deceased, it’s important to the family members they hold a prayer vigil for their loved one. This is usually done on the night before the funeral service. Prayers are either held at a family member’s home or a funeral home. Many times, vigils are held at the church in the presence of a priest. During this time, you might also find friends and family members reading out eulogies or paying tributes to their loved ones. Holding a prayer vigil is a personal and intimate service that allows the family members to spend time with the deceased before the funeral service. 

What Happens During The Funeral Service?

The funeral service is usually held at a church. You will notice that there will be a catholic mass held by the priest. The casket or coffin is usually placed in front of the priest and is blessed with holy water. The priest will also lay a cloth on the body, also known as a pall. 

The service will also include readings from the bible. These include psalms, and people present in the church will also sing gospels. 

You should know that the rituals and practices are important for a religious catholic to perform. Catholics believe in the concept of the afterlife. According to the faith, the body reaches either heaven or hell based on the seeds sowed by the person during their lifetime. Sending prayers and asking for forgiveness is a belief that Catholics hold. Another uncommon belief amongst Catholics is the idea of purgatory. Purgatory is almost like a waiting room for the souls of sinners who are allowed to make amends for their behaviors before being sent to heaven. Many Catholics believe that prayers have the power to help the soul move from purgatory to heaven. 

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Respecting The Traditions

Attending a Catholic funeral involves a certain degree of respect for the religious beliefs of the deceased and his/her/their family members. Even if you’re not a religious person, you must show up following funeral etiquette. Most Catholic ceremonies follow the same trajectory, but each funeral service is also personalized by the families of the deceased. You are most likely to attend three parts, which are the vigil service followed by the funeral mass and finally moved to a traditional rite of committal. This is where the body is buried (sometimes cremated too). For the rite of committal, you will be present at the cemetery. 

To show your love and admiration for the deceased, you can always send flowers or even casket sprays as a sign of courtesy.
Catholic funerals are naturally simple and are held to praise the lord and make sure that the deceased can rest in peace in the afterlife. Take the time to find out details like time, venue, and other requirements in advance.  

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