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Guide To Infant Caskets: Types, Cost & Where To Buy

Guide To Infant Caskets: Types, Cost & Where To Buy

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What Is A Child Casket?

A child casket, also known as an infant casket, is a small casket specifically designed to hold the corpses of children. One of the nightmares that any human being can go through is the death of a child. Many parents suffer the pain of losing their child soon after birth or having a stillborn or a miscarriage. However short the life span was, many parents choose to hold a burial for their child. For burials, you require caskets, and just like for adults, there are plenty of choices available for buying a casket for a baby. However, unlike adult caskets, youth caskets are much more affordable. 

Types Of Caskets For A Baby.

You can get a casket for a baby for as low as $50, with some models going up to $800. In such a vast price range, there are many options available such as

  1. White casket

The color white stands for innocence and purity, which is also what childhood symbolizes in life. Hence, a lot of child caskets are white.

  1. Pink or Blue casket

Stereotypically, pink is associated with girls, and blue is associated with boys. Some parents follow this and buy an infant casket, in accordance with the sex of their child.

  1. Rainbow caskets

A rainbow symbolizes beauty after a rainstorm. It epitomizes the values of patience and resilience. Losing a child is a dark phase in life, however, strength can be found even in the darkest of times. This is what makes rainbow youth caskets such a popular choice.

  1. Butterfly casket

Some sects of Christianity use the butterfly to symbolize the resurrection, whereas, in other cultures, butterflies are a symbol of people’s souls. The many phases in a life cycle of a butterfly – from an egg to larva to pupa to adult, capture the life cycle of humans in a symbolic form. Moreover, people find butterflies beautiful. All these reasons are enough to popularize butterfly youth caskets.

  1. Transportation-themed caskets

Small children love playing with toy cars and toy planes. Hence, you can purchase a transportation-themed casket for a baby, and customize it to resemble his/her favorite transport like a pirate ship or a sports car.

  1. Animal casket

Many children like to make animal noises and dress up as different animals on occasions. This is the reason why animal caskets are so popular as child caskets.

  1. Mythical creature caskets

Children love listening to stories about mythical creatures like the tooth fairy or mermaids or Santa Claus. Children themselves are a source of magic in our lives. Thus, you can choose an infant casket and get it customized as a mythical creature, including unicorns and dragons.

  1. Caskets featuring favorite characters

Children love to watch cartoons and have their favorite characters like superman, spiderman, Doraemon, Shin Chan, Big Bird, Tom and Jerry, or SpongeBob SquarePants. The list goes on and on about children’s cartoons. Hence, it’s no wonder that child caskets which feature their favorite characters are extremely popular among parents.

  1. Prince or princess casket

The birth of a child is no less than the birth of a prince or a princess. Hence, it’s only fair that they are given a farewell fit for the royalty. You can buy caskets featuring crowns and tiaras for children or you can buy a gold casket resembling luxury or royalty for a prince or princess.

  1. Angel casket

Children are god’s angels for their parents. People of many faiths believe that when children die, they become angels and reunite with God. Thus, while buying a casket for a baby, angel caskets are one of the most popular options since they also feature images of angels and angel wings.

Places You Can Buy A Child Casket.

Infant caskets form only about six percent of casket sales. Child caskets are a niche industry and not available with every casket manufacturer, which is why we have provided you a few options below:

  1. Funeral home

Funeral homes usually sell caskets that have been manufactured by other companies, due to which, you get the child casket for a marked-up price. However, since funeral homes offer a lot of convenience in planning the logistics of burial, such as writing eulogies or planning memorials, they’re considered worth the cost.

  1. Online retailers

Youth caskets are much more affordable when bought from online retailers than funeral homes since there is no middleman marking up the price. In addition, online retailers such as Titan Casket offer a lot of variety in child caskets as well as next-day shipping.