Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 12.22.2022

How Are Pre-Planned Funerals Different From Regular Funerals

How Are Pre-Planned Funerals Different From Regular Funerals

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How Does A Pre Paid Funeral Work?

As the name suggests, a pre-planned funeral gives you access to make specific funerary arrangements well in advance. These arrangements are made after conversations with trusted funeral directors. Some of these pre-planned services include decisions around music, venue selection, flower arrangements, vehicle planning, and so on. Unlike a regular funeral, where arrangements are planned after the death, you can ensure you tick box all of your loved one’s desires and preferences in arrangements. If you are planning this for your own funeral, you avoid delegating the responsibility and the emotional stress it carries to your loved one. In a straightforward sense, the idea of a pre-planned funeral requires no settled payment or signed contracts. It involves organizing a blueprint for your funeral. In most cases, however, a pre-planned funeral is synonymous with a pre-paid funeral

A prepaid funeral involves a plan that gives you the chance to make funeral plan arrangements by putting aside funds through a contract signed with a funeral home. Depending on the funeral home, the funeral package options may vary. These usually, however, include a burial/cremation and a funeral. The plot for the burial, headstone and obituary might count as additional costs. Once you have decided  on a funeral home and signed a contract with them, the selected home can not be altered or transferred later. There are many benefits to a pre-paid funeral. 

How Is A Pre Planned Funeral Different From A Regular One?

  1. Costs: A traditional funeral is planned soon after the death of a loved one. Whether you opt for a cremation or a burial, you must make payments according to current market prices. In the case of a pre-planned or pre-paid funeral, you will be making the payment well before you die. Funeral prices have peaked in the recent few years, with rates doubling from what they were ten years ago. Locking in prices beforehand may avoid the severe financial stresses regarding arrangements in the future and may save you a few thousand dollars as well. On average, a prepaid plan would cost you between $ 10,000 to $25,000. If you are not looking to pay upfront, you can pay in installments. Your installment plan rests on the kind of funeral plan you opt for. They can range between 3 years to 10 years. You are not subject to overhead costs and inflation. However, if your funeral home does shut down, the contract dissolves automatically. Ensure that you opt for a reliable home.   
  2. Time Span: There is a  more relaxed timeline for you to work around when you opt for a pre-planned funeral. A normal funeral must take place within an hour of death. What it means is making all funerary arrangements in crunch time. There is no room for error, and you do not have enough time to grieve their death, being preoccupied with the funeral planning. In the case of a pre-planned funeral, you have given much time to educate yourself about all available options. You may compare costs and find the best deals. You must look at various funeral homes before making your final pick. 
  3. Autonomy over funeral planning: A traditional funeral is usually planned by the departed's family. This means that they bear the funeral costs and take all the decisions related to any funerary arrangement, be it the type of funeral or the flower arrangement on the day. This does not mean that the deceased person’s wishes are not met since they may have communicated their requirements to their family prior. However, for the most part, this leaves very little of the decision-making on the deceased person and delegates all responsibility to their family. A pre-paid funeral allows you to make all decisions you want around your funeral— these include the big decisions as well as the smaller ones. It also removes the emotional, mental and physical stress of planning, which your family may have to bear after your death.

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