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How to pick a good casket?

How to pick a good casket?

Key Insights

  • Before you choose a casket, you need to take various factors into account.
  • The size of the casket is one of the most important aspects to consider.
  • The material, the design and the interiors are also essential areas to explore.
  • You can also take special features like memory drawers and memory tubes. You can also take special features like memory drawers and memory tubes.
  • At Titan Casket, you can choose from a range of different caskets and can even get them customized according to your loved one’s preferences.


How to pick a good casket here are 5 tips that can help

Choosing a casket for someone you have lost can be a great honor as well as a daunting thing to do. To pick a good casket following the demise of a loved one, you need to take different factors into account. If you are in the process of planning a funeral for a family member or a close friend, here are 5 tips that will help you pick a good casket for them.

Keep the size of the casket in mind 

The first thing that you should know about caskets is that they come in different sizes. The interiors of a typical standard-sized casket measure around 79 inches in length and around 24 inches in width. Then, there are also oversized caskets with interiors that may measure the same length, but are wider by around 4 to 12 inches or more. Some oversized caskets may also be longer to hold taller individuals. You can choose a decent casket based on the height and weight of your loved one, so there is enough room to accommodate them comfortably. 

Pick the right material for the casket 

Today, you can find caskets made out of metal, wood, fiberglass, and even wicker. The appearance and longevity of the casket primarily depends on the material used. Metal caskets last longer, but they tend to have an industrial look. Wood caskets, on the other hand, are more aesthetic and visually appealing, but they may start to degrade after a few years. Meanwhile, fiberglass caskets are light, last fairly long and can be made to resemble marble or wood. Choose a casket after taking into account the appearance and longevity of the material. 

Choose a design that your loved one would have wanted

The best way to ensure that you select a nice casket for your loved one’s final resting place is to put yourself into their shoes. Try to think about the kind of design that they would have wanted. Factoring in their likes and preferences can make the casket a lot more personal. You could also go the extra mile and opt to customize the casket. 

For instance, when you make your purchase from Titan Casket, we give you the option to even design your own custom casket for your loved one. Right from the color and the side bars to the fabric and head panel design, you can pick the options that will make the casket the perfect choice for your loved one. 

Decide on the interiors of the casket 

The interiors of the casket is another thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a good casket. Usually, most caskets tend to have their interiors covered in fabric. The material of the fabric and its color can be customized. Crepe and cotton are two of the more inexpensive options that you can find in decent caskets. But luxury caskets have interiors made from more premium fabrics like silk or velvet. Depending on the preferences of your loved one, their choice of colors and the budget you have set aside for the ceremony, you can choose a suitable casket.

Choosing the best casket material for your loved ones

Take special features into account 

A casket with special features is designed to make it a more meaningful final resting place for the deceased. There are different kinds of additional features that you can opt for. One such is a memory drawer, which allows you to place messages and small mementos in the casket. Another exclusive feature you can choose is a memory tube, which can be installed in the casket to hold the personal information of your deceased loved one. Some luxury caskets even come with dedicated hardware that gently lifts the deceased upward for easier viewing during the ceremony. 

The right kind of casket can give you some closure

Losing someone you love is never easy. And the grief that follows this kind of a loss can be intense and lasting. However, choosing a nice casket for the funeral of a loved one can bring you a little bit of closure and assuage your grief, at least to a certain extent. If your loved one shared any specific casket preferences with you, it may be easier to find a casket for their funeral. 

However, if they left you without any details or instructions, the task of choosing a suitable casket for them may seem overwhelming initially. The pointers outlined above can make the task of choosing a nice casket for your loved one’s funeral easier. And knowing that you have done something for them that they may have liked can be cathartic. So, weigh your options well and pick a good casket for the funeral ceremony you’re planning. 

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