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How To Plan A DIY Pet Funeral?

How To Plan A DIY Pet Funeral?

Key Insights

  • Losing a pet can cause immense grief and turmoil, and amid all the angst, you can plan a touching DIY funeral service to pay them an honorable send-off.
  • The first thing you need to do when your pet passes on is to figure out whether you wish to opt for a cremation or a burial.
  • Before burying your pet in a public area or someone else’s property, make sure you seek permission for the same.
  • If you opt for cremation, you can bury the ashes in your backyard, or you can choose to scatter the ashes.

Pets are beloved members of the family, and the loss of a pet can cause the same turmoil and angst as losing a close family member. If you reside in an area where pet funeral homes do not offer the pet funeral services you are looking for, then a DIY pet funeral is the best way to offer an honorable send-off to your furry friend. Over the course of this article, we shall shed light on DIY pet funeral ideas

DIY Pet Funeral - Burying Your Pet’s Mortal Remains 

The first thing you need to do when your pet passes on is to figure out whether you wish to opt for a cremation or burial. If in case you own your own piece of land, you can legally bury your pet right in your backyard. However, before doing so, check your state and county laws for any sub-clauses and restrictions.

When burying your pet’s mortal remains in your backyard, you must be careful regarding contamination, especially if your pet passed away due to a disease or was euthanized. Given that the latter involves the use of toxic chemicals, make sure your pet is buried in a location that will not affect the surrounding flora and fauna. You can choose to mark the grave site with flowers or even a rock or a tree. Alternatively, you can also opt to have your pet’s mortal remains buried in a pet cemetery.  

All About Pet Cremation

When it comes to a pet funeral, you can either bury the mortal remains or have it cremated. If you opt for the latter, you can later bury the ashes in your backyard. Nowadays, most people prefer to opt for biodegradable urns or simply use a cardboard box to bury the ashes of their furry friends. 

When burying the ashes, make sure you do so at an adequate depth, and mark the site with maybe a tree, flowers, or a rock. Alternatively, post the cremation process, you can also choose to scatter the ashes. However, before scattering the ashes on someone else’s property or in public spaces, make sure you seek the requisite permission to do so beforehand. If you wish to scatter the ashes at sea, you can also make use of a biodegradable water urn, which floats on the surface for a few minutes, and then disintegrates in the water body.

If you are looking for DIY urn options, mason jars conveniently store your pet’s ashes. Finally, if you do not wish to scatter or bury the ashes, you can also choose to keep the ashes at your home in an urn.

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All About Funeral Service

When organizing a pet funeral service, ensure you set a sombre and respectful tone to the entire event. For example, you can choose to start the proceedings by reciting a quote or even a prayer, light a candle, and then proceed with a few moments of silence – to pray for the soul of your beloved furry friend. Next, you can invite family members and close friends to share their memories with your beloved pet and pay their condolences. Finally, you can end the service with a prayer or a speech in lieu of your beloved pet.

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