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Top 5 Myths About Buying A Casket Online

Top 5 Myths About Buying A Casket Online


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The Funeral Rule

Enacted by the Federal Trade Commission, the Funeral Rule explicitly states that you can buy caskets online when it comes to the matter of a casket for your loved one’s funeral. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to purchase the casket from a funeral home. Additionally, as per the Funeral Rule, it is illegal for a funeral home to refuse to offer services to those who have purchased the casket from elsewhere, irrespective of whether it is an online or offline purchase. 

When you opt for caskets from reputed online casket retailers, you can secure a casket at affordable rates and avail of several benefits. These include free shipping (within three days), as well as customizations as per your preferences. 

Why Should You Buy A Casket Online?

The grief you deal with when you lose a loved one can be unbearable, and organizing their funeral in the midst of it all can seem nearly impossible. In such a situation, you can purchase caskets online rather than going to a funeral home and hand-picking a casket. Rather than depend on funeral homes for caskets, often offered at considerably marked-up rates, you can buy caskets online at a more economical rate.

When you purchase caskets online, you can avoid paying the extra charges passed on by funeral homes and can spend time researching the best option for paying a befitting tribute to your loved one.

Myths About Buying A Casket Online

  • The Bottom Will Fall Out: When buying a casket online, most people worry about the quality, and a common question asked is if the bottom of the casket will fall out during transportation or shortly after burial. That is simply not true. While its important to buy from reputable retailers, the way caskets are constructed (especially steel ones), it is impossible to have the bottom fall out. The welding techniques used mean that caskets can carry 10 times the weight of even the heaviest individuals.
  • It May Not Arrive On Time: Online retailers such as Titan casket will ask for your funeral or viewing date to make sure that a reliable shipping partner will be able to deliver the casket on time, often in as little as 1-2 days. However, if you are ordering the night before the funeral, it is reasonable to expect that such a delivery would not be possible in which case any reputable retailer would call to let you know that they cannot deliver in time and refund you the order.
  • The Handles May Fall Off: What if you purchase the casket online, and the handles fall off? Casket handles are attached with high gauge steel fasteners that are rated for many times the weight of the heaviest individuals. The handles are so strongly attached to the core frame of the casket that the weight required for them to fail would be much more than what 2 dozen of pall bearers could lift.
  • The Virtual Experience May Not Give You a Clear Picture: Most people are of the opinion that shopping for a casket online seems tricky, as you may not be able to view the casket in person. However, to avoid such an experience, you can always first visit a showroom or even a funeral home. By doing so, you can make sure to check what different materials (wood or metal) look like and can also check out the different types of interiors. Once you do so, you can then purchase your casket online.
  • Cost of Shipping: Many people shy away from purchasing a casket online as they are apprehensive of high shipping costs. To combat this, you can opt for online retailers who offer low or free shipping costs. Reputed online casket retailers may even offer you the advantage of zero shipping costs on purchasing a casket. Additionally, As per the Funeral Rule, the funeral home cannot charge you any fees to accept the casket. Titan casket offers free shipping on all orders, but in rare cases where an especially tight turnaround is needed, an additional charge for expedited shipping may need to be charged.

Visit the Titan Casket website today and browse through the wide variety of caskets we have on offer. You can choose from a number of colors, materials, and customizations.  This comes with the added benefit of guaranteed delivery within three days.