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12 Popular Casket Colors You Can Pick From

12 Popular Casket Colors You Can Pick From

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Colors Speak Of You.

Curating a dignified and moving funeral for a dear soul can be overwhelming, especially in your moment of grief. And picking out an ideal casket is an essential aspect of the ceremony requiring thoughtful selection. Since buying a casket from traditional funeral homes is no longer the norm, the doors to an online marketplace filled with multiple casket options are open to you. However, selecting a casket design which closely resembles the tastes of your loved one can be quite a task with an assortment of casket types and materials available online.

Apart from the different caskets accessible online, one of the most demanding facets of organizing a revered funeral is choosing casket colors. The right casket color can elevate the ceremony's entire theme and gracefully personify the departed's life. While casket colors might be a trifling sum for some of you, they can be immensely significant for others. As going for the right color augments the flower arrangements and complements the deceased individual’s attire, let's look at the most popular colors in caskets.

Regarding casket colors, the online marketplace has a plethora of choices for all popular colors in caskets. Why wait when you can browse over the colors to make your pick?

White: Fixing a specific casket color depends on your budget and the message you want the deceased to part with forever. The color white is the epitome of perfection, innocence, purity, peace and simplicity. The color is minimalistic with an essence that your beloved one lived a life filled with virtue and elegance. Also, you can pair any flower with white, including white flowers with green petals, as it would look aesthetically pleasing. Usually, these caskets are of metal, but the material might differ from retailer to retailer.

Silver: Caskets adorned with silver color talk the tales of the moon, oceans and the way a tide flows, essaying the role of womanhood. The color would aptly describe someone who was emotional and mysterious and went with the flow of life. Shades of silver resonate with wealth, fame and class, depicting someone who used to be famous and wealthy. Silver caskets are generally of steel and blend well with befitting silver hardware.

Blue: If you prefer to go for colorful caskets, the color blue can be the most versatile option. It would embody honesty, trust, responsibility and loyalty, making it a perfect choice if your beloved used to be a people person. In many cultures, blue exudes confidence and mirrors paradise. Blue caskets match well with any color, such as white or gold, and these color combinations also enhance flower decor. 

Pink: Though pink is a customary color, it depicts womanhood and is a symbol of purity and grace. Each shade of pink spins a different tale making it one of the most popular colors in caskets. You can choose pale pink as it resembles a sweet person or dusty pink, which depicts a person rather sentimental. If your loved one used to be very romantic, you could go for light pink, whereas hot pink is the color for adventurous and energetic individuals.

Black: The black color is a classic that never goes out of style, portraying the traditional and signature feel. It represents luxury and sophistication and is formal, where it can be a suitable option for people with serious repute. Black caskets can be of steel or wood, and you can furnish the coffin with an ivory or white lining in a matte or glossy texture setting.

Yellow: Although the yellow color is not usually visible in funerals around you, it can be a preferred color if you want to buy colorful caskets. It is an appropriate selection if the deceased bloomed like a sunflower and was a ray of sunshine for near and dear ones.

Purple: Whenever you see the color purple, you quickly reminisce about the pope adorned in a purple robe. The color stands for royalty, or nobility, radiating mystery and spirituality, making it an ideal choice for someone with a taste for luxury and finery. If you opt for a purple casket, pair them with velvet interiors and orchid flowers.

Green: Though green is not a very popular casket color in funerals, you can always consider it for someone who served in the military. Many military casket variants are available online to serve as a respected funeral for army soldiers.

Cherry-wood: Cherry is a popular choice in building wooden furniture with its distinct reddish-brownish color. If you wish to buy a wooden casket, cherry wood is one of the most popular colors in caskets. These high-end luxury caskets mingle well with ivory or white interiors and mix with hardware colors.

Mahogany: The difference between Cherry wood and Mahogany color caskets is negligible as the latter possesses an orangish tint in comparison to the reddish tone of the former. It is a warm wood color and pairs well with ivory or white interiors and almost every flower color.

Maroon: If you do not wish to opt for a neutral casket color, vibrant colors like maroon can be an option. You can select a maroon casket for your loved one to make the ceremony stand out from the usual.

Gold: This color has been long associated with wealth, power and value hence by choosing a gold casket people try to convey that the deceased was a person of importance, also gold has been considered sacred or auspicious by some culture or religions.

Where Can You Find A Colorful Casket?

Picking a precise color for your treasured one is a personal decision, choosing the one which reflects their personality. As you desire to bid an honorable farewell, having the right casket color is essential. Online retailers like Titan Casket offer various metal, wood, cloth and clear caskets with varying casket colors. Also, they have Military coffins, and with their Titan Orion steel casket series, you can leaf over 20 shades to make your desired pick.